Black Arm Band Movement

From our worthy Youth

Youth of Fiji.

Thank you for joining in the protest and disseminating this information to other persons. We can confirm that as a result of this protest, 4 persons have been arrested but were released soon after, two youths in Nabua were told to take it off whilst walking along Sukanaivalu road, one child of a military officer kicked out of his home and many others intimidated. Adults in our society look at us strangely – ‘Why do they choose to wear this black arm band’ … ‘Why can’t they just relax’.

We refuse to lie down and accept what is happening in Fiji. So far 18 people have been detained for standing up and defying the military government.

We stand up – peacefully. NO hate speeches, NO promise of Violence.

We believe that PEACE is the answer for Fiji.

Lets get real! We youths will be pushed into leadership positions soon. We will become the next religious leaders, chiefs, parents, teachers and doctors. Do we have the appropriate life skills and empowered capacity to become better or good leaders? This is a question we must answer for our selves. We make up 68% of the youth population but we are isolated from the proper mechanisms of justice and learning. We need to start pushing for change now.

The Black Arm Band (BAB) Protest, is a Peaceful way of disowning the future dished out to us by the current military government. The BAB is so important for youths today as it states ownership of our own futures. The BAB has been worn with much respect and has not taken a violent character.

The BAB stands for many thing:

  1. Peace is the answer for Fiji
  2. Democracy is the Answer for Fiji
  3. We need our 1997 Constitution Back
  4. We want our Justice System back
  5. We want our media free
  6. We want justice for Sakuisa Rabaka – Send his murderers back to jail
  7. We want more space for youths in the development and running of this country
  8. We want our Human Rights Respected

We wear the BAB proudly as persons who dislike what is happening to our journalists, lawyers and vocal people. The BAB started on the 29 of April and may end on the 29 May 2009.

There will be a peaceful public gathering of BAB protesters on the 29th of May. Persons wishing to participate must email this account.

The gathering will be one hour long and will be just silence. We will later on be arrested by police officers and detained most probably for two days. we have prominent human rights lawyers waiting for this to happen. The protest will involve very persons from all age groups and will include the bravest of the brave. People willing to be counted!

For the next few days we wear this BAB, we also wear it in silent reflection of the great work senior human rights activists have done for this nation. These Human Rights Defenders have put their lives on the line continuously for the future of Fiji. Some of them are no longer with but leave a legacy that lives in the eyes of every single person reading this email. We acknowledge the work they have all done and pray that their work will continue.

Today marks the first day of our organizers coming out. Every second day, till the 29th of May all our moderators will be revealing who they are. Not all their information will be given for security purposes but they will reveal their names, geographic locations, and some message of solidarity.

It starts today with me.

Bula. My name is ————–, I am from Tailevu. I was born and raised in Lautoka, attending USP an have a degree in Accounting and Management. I live in the west. I am 25 years old. I joined this movement because I Love Fiji. I can’t stand to see what is happening to Fiji. I need to make a stand. I was silent in 2000, I was silent in 2006. Now I can’t be silent anymore. I have to speak out.

Please join us on this campaign.Wear a Black Arm Band & and join us on the 29th May.

“The ultimate measure of a man is not where he stands in moments of comfort, but where he stands at times of challenge and controversy”

Martin Luther King, Jr.

God blss Fiji


3 thoughts on “Black Arm Band Movement

  1. awesome guys n gals…keep up the good work….Demo loggers and many unseen supporters have heard about you and are with you in spirit! God Bless!

  2. Good on you girl, standing up for what is right. I will be following your blog. Keep going, don’t give up. From an Aussie who loves Fiji and married to a Fijian.

  3. It´s heartening to see Fiji´s youth coming together to build on everyday forms of resistence. I haven´t heard a lot about the BAB. It´s a shame there isn´t a build up in the movement.

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