The Tale Of Vilisi Nadaku

From – Police release lone protester, no charges (12/10/2008)

 Police have released Vilisi Nadaku, the lone protester who stopped traffic at Nabua last Thursday.

 No charges have been laid on Naduku, a senior cameraman with the South Pacific Community (SPC) in Nabua.

 His protest came after the High Court ruling was delivered in favour of the President and the interim Prime Minister.

 The case had been brought to court by deposed Prime Minister Laisenia Qarase.

 Naduku had been taken in for questioning after he parked his vehicle in the middle of the road in Nabua, obstructing traffic and staged a short protest against the High Court ruling.

 His lawyer, John Apted, told Fijilive that his client had been taken for questioning by military officers at the Queen Elizabeth barracks last night.

 Police spokesman Atunaisa Sokomuri said Nadaku was taken to Central Police Station for a series of interviews before being released.

 “We have not laid any charges against him at the moment and right now we are investigating the matter further before we take any action,” he said.

 Apted said his client has not been physically harmed either by the military officers or police during the questioning.


The tale of Vilisi Nadaku clearly shows the immense power of the pro-democracy bloggers of Fiji, no matter where in the world we are. 

 From USA, Katalina Balawanilotu was on the phone to Mrs Nadaku, Ablaze and LuvFiji were appealing for funds too meet Tevita Fa’s $500 retainer to take the case, when Island Boy secured the excellent services of Jon Apted pro bono. 

 Mark Manning was cheering from the sidelines in Sydney, as was Tim (from wherever he lives) and Ex-Fiji Tourist while the rest of us watched with bated breath. 

 The Junta continues to try to quash dissent from the people.  But what they have forgotten is that we cannot be quashed.  We will prevail with dignity and righteousness on our side.  Democracy and peace will be ours and we will achieve it.  Our way.  Blog on to freedom!  Thank you again to Soli Vakasama for providing such an invaluable space, such a noble service to all of us who want our beautiful Fiji back.  

Tabu Soro. 

God bless Fiji 

 PS Jon Apted for AG!