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Final Petition of William R Marshall

The Petition of the regime’s former Justice of Appeal has kept lawyers amused all day.

The only version currently online is in reverse order. If anyone has a copy in natural order, please send it through via Comments and it will be posted on this blog.

God bless Fiji

Whose benefit?

From the Fiji Times Monday, September 01, 2008

Birth papers at Post Office
BIRTH certificates will soon be printed from a Post Office.
Interim Attorney-General Aiyaz Sayed Khaiyum welcomed the move saying the event would be remarkable and should have been done many years ago.
“Government has taken keen interest and initiative in providing these services to the ordinary citizens of this country and is optimistic for more of such events in future,” he said. Mr Sayed-Khaiyum said he services rendered to the citizens of this country by the Ministry of Justice played a vital role because birth certificates were a national identity.
Interim Prime Minister Commodore Voreqe Bainimarama will launch the first ever printing of birth certificates at a Post Fiji outlet at Korovou Post Office on Wednesday.
This is a joint venture of the Ministry of Justice and Post Fiji with internet connections throughout Fiji.

The proposal to print official Fiji Birth Certificates is yet another tactic in Chodopu$$’s strategy to rob the indigenous people of home rule in our own land.

Why is this a bad thing?  Ask yourself – cui bono?  When has speedy access to birth certificates EVER been a necessity in Fiji, a land where things are famously completed on ‘Fiji-time’?

This proposal is nothing more than Chodo’s move to enlist hordes of illegal immigrants from India to pose as Fiji citizens and vote wholesale for him in the upcoming elections (whenever those might be).

He wants phoney birth certificates – lots of them – to give to his bogus citizens so they can sneak onto our shores, and then probably migrate, legally or illegally, to Australia, NZ or USA on fake Fiji passports.

Remember – Chodo’s shadowy advisors and financiers come from the birthplace of the ‘booth capturing’ method of vote-rigging. The south Asian vote-rigging network spans continents, as can be seen in the following articles, all from 2008, of concrete examples of Indian or Pakistani migrants rigging voting outcomes or being used to that effect.


This initiative must be thwarted, in the way that we, the people of Fiji, must thwart all of Chodo’s initiatives for his ‘grand plan’ to turn our beloved Fiji Islands into Little India.

God bless Fiji

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