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Kill The Chicken To Frighten The Monkey

The entire Fijian community – within our islands and overseas – is still reeling in shock at the video which graphically captures the beating of Iowane Benedito, the alleged escaped prisoner.

Some on the blogs and social networks believe the clip has been leaked to the media. But could it be something even more sinister?

The regime is on the back foot. They know they are at an all-time popularity low. They know they can no longer hide behind their lies. They know their decrees aren’t worth the paper they are written on. They know that discontent is seething among We The People.

If you cast your mind back to December 2006, back when We The People still believed in our inalienable rights (before the illegal regime went ahead and ‘alien-ed’ them), there was quite a bit of discontent which was being publicly expressed. At least, it was being publicly expressed until the illegal regime detained at their barracks our most visible, respected and admired rights advocates – all women other than one young man – holding them without access to legal representation, and criminally assaulting them. They killed innocent young civilian men in custody. Before the coup, they had killed the CRW soldiers, also while in custody.

The shock, revulsion and outrage at that time was comparable to that we all feel today. How dare they?!

They dare, because this is yet another tactic used to effect by illegal regimes in other parts of the world.  In China, the tactic is referred to as ‘killing the chicken to frighten the monkey’. The regime knows they cannot lock us all up. So instead they visibly target a select few, commit grave atrocities, and let word of it be spread among the population. They don’t need us to be completely scared. They just need us to be scared enough to not take action, to not speak out, to not have the courage to stand up and say ‘NO MORE!’.

They are cowards. And their time has come. Do you really think they will let us have elections in 2014? We must take action NOW before our country is further ravaged by the rot. We need strikes and demonstrations, up and down the country. We need to show the world that this illegal regime does not have our mandate, our support nor our meek compliance. We need justice.

Tabu soro.

God bless Fiji.

Spread the word – coconut wireless goes digital

There was a Comments exchange on Coup FourPointFive between Anonymouses (anonymice? anonymii?) that is too good to allow to disappear into the ether. The best way to spread the word of Mara’s YouTube broadcasts to those of us who without internet access. Read more below, and please feel free to circulate.
Do keep checking in to Coup 4.5 for the latest developments. Those guys really have their finger on the pulse.

May 18, 2011 8:53 PM. Got an idea, since some of us in Fiji do not have internet access, why don’t those of us who do, download these videos, save them on our phones and bluetooth them around…..everybody in Fiji has a mobile phone…..by the way you can download any youtube video on this site:

May 18, 2011 9:34 PM. anonymous 8.53pm…kudos on the motion….
k, steps of doing that please, for some of us that are not familiar with it.

May 18, 2011 10:09 PM. @ anon 9:34.  Ok…these are the steps:

  1. Go to the ‘Keep Video’ website by typing in http://www.keepvid.com in your browser address or just go to google and google keepvid either way it will take you to the website.
  2. Once you’re there, copy the video’s url that is: http://www.youtube.com/watch? v=n5o7sffmRGQ  or  http://www.youtube.com/watch? v=CFLnV01a2p8  and paste it in the blue url box
  3. Click download and you’re on
  4. It will give different options of format to download in…you can choose which ever one fits you  Note: you fill find that there is also an option for saving the mp3 format of the video that is the sound only…….this will come in handy for phones with no video…
  5. Once you’ve downloaded, connect your phone to your computer and save the videos in it.
  6. Once you’re done you can start sharing media file around…walla…job done!  Note: you have to download the video one by one….

Vinaka Saka

May 18, 2011 10:20 PM. issue instruction how to put this on mobile phones and sending by email, copies on disks and usb drives and send to all people groups in fiji, written copies to mail boxes and send to all media organisations in fiji

May 18, 2011 10:57 PM. There you go guys. Downloading is one best way of getting the message across to those in the rural areas….

Power to The People.

God bless Fiji.

The Indonesia question

In recent times, BainiVore has courted Indonesia to be his New Best Friend, partly because he thinks it will p*** off Australia and New Zealand, but mostly because he knows he is nearly flat broke and he thinks he could tempt Indonesia’s corrupt political class with Fiji’s mineral reserves.

The OmniVore’s tactics become more transparent the longer he clings to power.

He has invited Indonesia’s military to hold training in our jungles. This is a thinly disguised excuse to bring additional military force onto our shores. He would most likely time this to co-incide with when We The People start publicly protesting against his tinpot regime. The Indonesians are no sensitive grasses when it comes to suppressing peaceful protesters.

There are government funds for a new Fiji embassy in Indonesia and yet We The People still have no ambassador in the UK. This is even though nearly 3,000 Fijians serve in the British Army and they repatriate to Fiji over $1m per month. Never mind the number of rugby players we have in Europe or the money that they repatriate. But that money goes to the families of those people. It doesn’t go to BainiVore’s … sorry, to the government’s pocket, so why should they need an Ambassador?

The other telling coincidence for the invitation to Indonesian military is the government’s plans to create space in Naboro. According to sources at Coup Four And A Half, the regime plans to fill the newly created spaces with former politicians, current trade unionists and generally people who speak out against them.

BainVore knows that the military will follow him as long as he keeps delivering for them. But as soon as they see he is weak, he is toast. So if he is planning to take out public figures who speak out against him, he needs more muscle power, he needs to inspire his troops with more than just empty words, and he needs to think outside the box for how he can do all that.

Right now, to BainiVore, Indonesia is his lifeline. What he doesn’t realise is that it can also be his final straw. He has already tried, and failed, to find solace in India and China but he is far too small a fish to play at their tables. Now he’s trying Indonesia. Where next?

We The People deserve better than this a-hole.

Free and fair elections now. Tabu soro.

God bless Fiji

Egypt’s parallels in Fiji

This article on Egypt’s upheaval by editor Christopher Hitchens in Conde Nast’s April edition of Vanity Fair has some stunning parallels to Fiji’s situation.

The day is coming when Fiji’s illegal interim military regime will fall. What we need in place is the interim government that will replace them, that We The People can get behind and support.

The goons are doing all they can to prevent an alternative administration forming (by dealing out lashings of beatings, etc) and to prevent We The People from voicing our protest (such as pressure on the organisers of the aborted 4 March rally).

There are two quotes from this excellent article, which appears on the page titled “Hitchens” (see top of the page), that stand out for Fiji’s situation. I paraphrase them here for Fiji.

Fiji is not a country with an army but an army that has a country.”


Bainimarama wants to be thought of as a father of our nation, only to discover that We The People want to be orphans.”

How long will we allow the illegal regime to make us their victims? How long will we allow them to rule us with our own fear?

You can read the full article online here http://www.vanityfair.com/politics/features/2011/04/hitchens-201104.

God bless Fiji

Vanity Fair is published by Conde Nast and is a darn good read

Banana Splits?

The excellent expose by Coup Four Point Five tells of a high-ranking official in the junta who wants the status quo to change, who sees the rot that is around him (possibly ‘her’? doubtful) and knows full well how wrong it all is.

He cannot be alone. Surely others within the illegal regime also know that the house of cards will fall “One day, Matafu”.

So what do We The People do about it? There must be a way we can reach out to these discontents and let them know that we stand with them in their hopes to bring the b*stards down. That their hopes are like our own hopes.  That we do not lump them in with their corrupt, fatcat leaders. It starts with simple acts of defiance. It starts with the declaration “NO MORE!! “.

According to the anonymous official, OmniVore says things are easy when no-one says ‘No’. Let’s give him ‘NO!’ from every direction. And give his soldiers hope for “Yes”.

Divide the Army, and let the soldiers know it. The regime will fall. Tabu soro.

God bless Fiji.