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Recent reports that the illegal regime is considering becoming a manufacturer of arms are further indications of how low they are willing to stoop for so-called “easy money”.

I mea – FFS – these guys can’t even mill sugar affordably with the help of international consultants and aid money. And they expect to be able to manufacture arms?

But clearly THEY are not expecting to do the manufacturing. Some shady overseas “investor” type (read ‘triad’ or ‘mafioso’ or ‘yazuka’ or similar) is proposing to handle the sweat work (probably using sweat shop labour from their home country) and all they need is a location in which to do it and a puppet government of corrupt bastards who are willing to look the other way.

For whom would such arms be intended? We know that China already sells arms to African countries in the grip of civil war (and sells to both sides of the divide, to boot). Perhaps the regime’s investor is another of these? Who knows? Not us – not with this regime’s zero-transparency.

Meanwhile OmniVore continues to supply guns to his troops but only ammunition to his body guards because he’s just not quite sure that his own troops won’t fire on him themselves.

End this illegal regime now, and take us back to free and fair elections. Tabu soro.

God bless Fiji

What is needed

If you haven’t yet seen it, take a look at Lt Col Tevita Uluilakeba Mara’s latest post on YouTube – a hard-hitting strike against the regime in which the Lauan Chief positively identifies BainiVore as having lead the beatings of Fiji’s women democracy activists who were tortured in December 2006. Other soldiers in the room who had held back from beating the women, soon joined in, in true Monkey-See, Monkey-Do style.

This is the first time any member Fiji’s military has admitted to and apologised for taking part – even passively – in beating civilians for having spoken out against the junta. May others in the military follow his lead.

What OmniVore has achieved with a small section of our military forces, is to convince them that normal ethical considerations no longer apply to them. In this morally disengaged state, they can be manipulated to commit acts which they would acknowledge in the cold light of day are atrocities against our own people.

There are many psychological experiments which show how to balance authority and conformity to influence individuals to behave in ways they know are wrong. In the Milgram Experiment, which took place after the trial of a Nazi war criminal in Jerusalem, Yale University psychologist Stanley Milgram tested the theory of whether accomplices in the Holocaust simply followed orders, even when those orders violated their beliefs. Subjects were instructed to administer electric shocks to another human if that person gave a wrong answer, with the shocks becoming stronger on each successive incorrect response. Although before the experiment, Milgram and his colleagues believe only a small percentage of the subjects would administer the maximum shock (450V), in fact 65% did so. In his summary, Milgram noted:

Ordinary people, simply doing their jobs, and without any particular hostility on their part, can become agents in a terrible destructive process. Moreover, even when the destructive effects of their work become patently clear, and they are asked to carry out actions incompatible with fundamental standards of morality, relatively few people have the resources needed to resist authority. (Milgram, Stanley (1974). Obedience to Authority. Yale)

Another illustration of this principle is if you select a random group of people, give them each a sledgehammer and instruct them to destroy a high-value object, such as a car. At the beginning, the group will hesitate and then, when once one member of the group overcomes their qualms and begins to destroy the car, the rest of the group will join in, increasingly with gusto. This particular experiment is very popular with psychology undergraduates.

Another reason that the soldiers and officers are able to follow BainiVore’s atrocious orders is BECAUSE NO-ONE IS TELLING THEM THAT IT’S WRONG.

This is where We The People have made a rod for our own backs through our inaction. None of the soldiers fully understand our collective disgust with the regime because none of us will voice our rage.

The time has now come.

We KNOW that the illegal President would happily disengage BainiVore & iArse if the conditions were right. We KNOW that there are senior officers in the military who are willing to risk insubordination to overthrow BainiVore & iArse. We KNOW that, once BainiVore is incapacitated, iArse is toast. We KNOW that BainiVore FEARS any sign of public protest – and he always has. Now that he has seen the strength of public protest in North Africa and Asia, BainiVore KNOWS that We The People hold the key to topple him. We KNOW that BainiVore won’t issue live ammunition to his soldiers because he fears that they will use it against him. We KNOW that, if we work with the governments of the Forum countries and international Aid and donor agencies, they will keep a close eye on the wellbeing of our people as we march to Freedom.

In 2006, a young man told me that all it takes to get rid of the illegal regime is one bullet in BainiVore. As an advocate of peaceful, non-violent protest, I would never agree with violence (the young man was tortured by the regime shortly afterwards, and I think now agrees with the pacifist viewpoint), but it is undeniable that, with BainiVore out of the picture, the regime’s House of Cards falls away.

We need to co-ordinate with the senior officers. If we hold our peaceful protest for the world to see, and to distract the military’s attention, the senior officers can stage their own coup. And we could be back to free and fair elections before the end of 2011.

So – how badly do you want freedom? Tabu soro.

God bless Fiji

By Victor Lal and Russell Hunter

Dictator Frank Bainimarama narrowly escaped New Zealand charges days before the 2006 coup.

There were already sedition charges against him in Fiji, where the police were also keen to talk to him regarding the murders of the CRW soldiers that followed the 2000 mutiny. He was aware of all of this.

Now he is calling Lt Colonel Ulilakeba  Mara a “fugitive” from law and seeking extradition from Tonga.

Betrayal and cowardice are two traits that are deeply ingrained in the veins of dictator Frank Bainimarama, the self-anointed illegal Prime Minister of Fiji.

Our claims are based on five years of painstaking research, personal interviews, top secret State, military and other confidential documents. For a detailed account of our findings, please wait for our forthcoming book tentatively entitled Treason in Paradise: Commodore Frank Bainimarama and the 2006 Fiji Coup – The Inside Story.

We will shortly disclose how Bainimarama left New Zealand in November 2006 where the local police had reversed an earlier decision to arrest him on a charge of perverting the course of justice in a foreign jurisdiction. If convicted he faced a maximum sentence of seven years. Perverting the course of justice in a foreign jurisdiction is a crime in New Zealand.

Remember there was also a pending charge of sedition in Fiji. Plus the police were closing in the Counter Revolutionary Warfare Unit murder inquiry. There is no suggestion we know of that Bainimarama played a personal role in the murders. (Editor’s note: But see Bainimarama’s version of the mutiny and his role to SkyNews Australia on the left column of C4/5; Fiji’s Frank Bainimarama, Part 3 of 3 video).

The Fiji police wanted to establish whether or not Bainimarama was an accessory to the crimes. But Bainimarama had avoided at least two invitations for a non-caution police interview but couldn’t maintain that indefinitely. And he knew that.

It was one of many motives which prompted him a week after his departure from New Zealand, where he had gone for his grand daughter’s christening, to overthrow the democratically elected multi-party SDL-FLP government in December 2006.
But, first, let us examine the “Fugitive” Bainimarama’s pattern of betrayal and cowardice.

The 2000 Speight Coup
Despite conventional but uncontested narrative, we can disclose that Bainimarama was behind the 2000 George Speight putsch that resulted in the overthrow of the Chaudhry government and the subsequent hostage crisis that lasted for the next 56 days.

And the mutiny that followed in November 2000 was a result of his betrayal of Speight and others after the signing of the Muanikau Accord. Bainimarama not only deceived the then President Ratu Sir Kamisese Mara, the father of Ratu Ului, to step aside at the height of the crisis, but he also betrayed the “Speight Gang” in order to ensure that the way was now open for him to enter the corridors of political power in Fiji.

Bainimarama, according to confidential documents and statements in our possession, had suggested military rule for at least five years shortly after the release of Speight’s hostages. Certainly some of his senior officers at the time were aware that he thoroughly relished his taste of power, when he took over as president in 2000 before handing over to an interim civilian regime, led by Laisenia Qarase. But Bainimarama longed to taste it again.

We are well aware of the much publicised “cassava patch” dash that Bainimarama made as the bullets were flying all over the Nabua barracks.

What he has refused to disclose is that he began suffering post trauma stress syndrome. In the aftermath of the mutiny Bainimarama had brushed aside all offers and suggestions of counselling thinking it perhaps unsoldierly.

The full results of that can only be guessed at, by psychologically unqualified writers, but results there certainly were.

We may recall that three loyalist soldiers died during the 2000 mutiny. The 20 or so wounded would all recover. The scar of that day, however, has never healed.

The potential for violent retribution was obvious – but few in Fiji expected what followed from a once proud disciplined service.

Five members of the Counter Revolutionary Warfare unit were quite literally kicked to death the following day, November 3. Post mortem photographs in our possession display viciously mutilated corpses barely recognisable as human remains. At least one of the dead played no part in the mutiny. It seemed CRW membership alone was sufficient motive for the most brutal of murders.

Acting Police Commissioner Moses Driver pronounced the deaths as murder and launched an investigation – a deed that marked him for later attention by the military. Bainimarama remains the principal person of interest in the murder inquiry. To date, no one has been charged over those murders.

The shootings and killings were over – but the stain of the 2000 mutiny would never be removed. And Bainimarama could never feel safe again – from those whom he betrayed and the long arm of the law.

He became a deeply paranoid individual who concluded that his career advancement depended on the barrel of the gun and pliable military men around him.

Bainimarama wanted coup in 2003/2004

To be continued

Editor’s Note: We publish below excerpts of the exclusive interview Frank Bainimarama gave on his 55th birthday to Graham Davis for SkyNews Australia. The video was uploaded by SkyNews Australia on 2 May 2009

Davis: You were nearly killed? How close save was it?

Bainimarama: Very close.  We were here having lunch when the rebel soldiers came across – and three of my bodyguards then closed in and helped my escape – they held the fort here while I moved away from here

You wanted to kill Captain Shane Stevens? Is that true that you wanted to shoot him yourself personally?

No, that’s not true that I wanted to shoot him personally– In fact, I was in hospital when he was brought in. I went to visit some of my soldiers that got shot that day. And I stopped the guys from going in to bring him out

I saved the life of one of the guys that eventually got killed…He was brought down to the naval base.

When you say you saved his life? When you say you saved the life of the man….You stopped them from killing him?

Initially.  I didn’t stop them from killing him. I stopped them from bashing him up.

But they killed him later?

Sometime later on

They were beaten to death, won’t they?

They were beaten to death. It was spur of the moment.  And  I can understand the emotions that went through the troops on that day. In fact, I can say that they were very lucky that they all lived

Did you want them dead?

I didn’t want them dead but I wanted them punished – You must understand it was a mutiny. These guys came in to kill us – I don’t think a lot of people understand that? These guys came in to kill us. So people really don’t expect us to kiss them on their cheeks.

God bless Fiji


Qori! Vinaka Lt Col Mara

Bless him, he’s done it again. And this time, he’s done it with FIRE!

If you have not already seen it, please watch Lt Col Mara’s announcement on YouTube about the illegal regime’s lies since their inception (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lNCRcwdXdd8) and the lies that they have told to try and stay in power (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dUlk__h7EtY) AND (this is the doozy) the amounts they are paying themselves and how they are getting it done.

Let us take our own power NOW. What other proof, evidence or reason do we need?

To the honourable officers who are left minding the fort (literally) – PLEASE gather up your loyal troops and incarcerate the illegal Dictator BainiVore, iArse and their minions until they can face justice under an elected government.  They have already cleared Naboro – let them now inhabit it.

Dear Lord, we are so close now.  Tabu soro.

(Oh, and btw Vore – POTE!!)

God bless Fiji

Today, Mafatu

Colonel Tevita Uluilakeba Mara has been whisked away to Tonga for refuge and has posted a jaw-dropping video on YouTube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NCxRa64XTO0 .

Bravo, sir, for your willingness to speak out AND to acknowledge that We The People will deal fairly with you when the regime has fallen.

What is needed now is:

1. For the video to be translated into Fijian, so that native speakers – especially in the common soldiery and the rural areas – can hear your story in your own words. Please post onto YouTube again;

2. For those serving in our Armed Forces to understand that they are no longer serving the interests of our country. They are instead serving the interests of iArse – a megalomaniac who wants the utter destruction of our culture, hopes and aspirations;

3. For the remaining senior officers in our military to rise up against iArse and finish the job that Ului and Driti started. Bring back our government to We The People and give us fresh, free and fair elections.  Justice will be brought to the perpetrators of this illegal regime.

For now, we must all play our part to do what is necessary to help bring that about. We are SO CLOSE NOW. It’s no longer ‘One day, Mafatu’.


Tabu soro.

God bless Fiji.

Hot Bread owner under threat

The illegal regime has blocked us from being able to read Michael Field’s blog. So, thanks to our internationally-based freedom activists, here is a transcript of his latest post.

Heat Over Hot Bread Owner

Fiji’s military are poised to seize Dr Mere Samisoni and  haul her up to the Queen Elizabeth Barracks, presumably for  re-education, Chinese Communist Party style.

I have been advised of this by a good source who is frankly alarmed over what might happen.

She is facing the same kind of treatment dished out to Sam Speight who was tortured at QEB over a DVD circulating. (click here to watch the videoes)

The military, who have somewhat shamefully taken the route of oppressing the Fijian people, are also working to close down Dr Samisoni’s Hot Bread Kitchen chain.

Some background

Back in the days I was allowed into Fiji and camped up at  the Holiday Inn, I used to have a early morning ritual.

I would walk up the road to the Hot Bread which, even at that early hour, was open. Customers would often be lining up buying fresh bread.

Not being much of a white bread man myself, I just limited myself to buying the daily newspapers. That was when they were independent, lively newspapers.

I knew Dr Samisoni owned the chain and I knew of her strong involvement with the ruling Soqosoqo Duavata ni Lewenivanua  (SDL). At some stage we even came to indirect blows. She  wrote a letter to the Fiji Times critical of something I wrote.

I cannot remember what the issue was. The thought, though, that I would boycott the Hot Bread Kitchen because we had a disagreement, simply did not enter my head.

Mature adults in civilised states can have disagreements.

And still break bread, so to speak.

Besides, the Hot Bread Kitchen struck me as a worthy enterprise by locals for locals. It has 400 locals working for it.

Recent developments

Dr Samisoni recently went to Lomaloma, her home village, on Vanua Balavu in Lau. She was setting up yet another Hot Bread – a daunting operation on those distant islands. She had a copy of a DVD that had been the source of trouble for Sam Speight. The DVDs were not produced by SDL. The original piece was sent from Suliasi Daunitutu who was the speaker in the DVD. Fiji Democratic Freedom Movement (FDFM) World Wide Chapters funded and produced the DVDs in Australia. Once the original arrived people dubbed their own. These can also be downloaded from youtube (click here to watch the videoes).

Dr Samisoni told her cousin, the Turaga Ni Koro, that he could look at it if he wanted to. Or not. Up to him. It is not known if he watched.

The military heard word of this, and now I hear she is targeted for re-education at the barracks.


Voreqe Bainimarama’s Price Incomes Board is also being used against her, with rules proposed on the price that can be charged for bread.

Now, at first blush, one can assume that setting a price for bread is a good thing. But in the case it is a military regime trying to stay in office. And as anybody who has followed recent UN Food and Agriculture Organisation  bulletins, the price of the ingredients needed to make bread  have internationally gone through the roof.

How can a military board set a price independent of the world price? Fiji, the way the world should be?

The military have revengeful method in their madness though, and they are using the Incomes Board to get at Dr Samisoni.

The big bakeries such as the Malaysian owned Morris Hedstrom and the small Chinese shops can use white bread as  a loss leader. That means they sell it at the board price, at no profit, but make it up on other produce.


If the military demands she comes to the barracks, she should call her solicitor as soon as Police or Army call or visit her. Further that she has a right to remain silent and she tell them that she will maintain that right to silence. Her solicitor can take over when he arrives there. Basically tell them, she will remain silent and they can charge her with an offence(s) or release her, they have burden of proof. It’s not her job to answer their questions and provide them with any evidence.

Fiji, lost now and little noticed in the world, might believe it is able to get away with the kind of oppressive action feared about to happen. Who cares, the Republic of the Fiji Military Forces might say, what happens to an indigenous businesswoman.

Well, here is a piece of news to those soldiers thinking of  doing it; you are being watched and you will be named.

At some stage in this whole mess, there has to be a reckoning.

27 March 2011

Michael Field http://www.michaelfield.org/hotbread.htm

God bless Fiji