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Pensions Questions

In response from my earlier post on the illegal regime’s raid on our pensions, I have received a communication from one claiming to be Fiji Pensioners.

Going on appearances alone, this seems to be a letter from Mr Rickman regarding his pension. Included in the material is a considerable amount of detail which, if true, should surely be kept confidential.

In my opinion, we can not discount the possibility that this has not been sent to this blog from Mr Rickman. It could easily have been sent from the office of the recipient or another who is party to its contents.

Regardless of whoever has sent this in – it is not the intention of this blog to disclose the private details of individual citizens.

If the sender hopes to have this alleged correspondence published on this blog, it will not happen.

If Mr Rickman wants this published, he is welcome to do so elsewhere.

If another party is trying to have this information published on this blog – you lose!

God bless Fiji

The ever-excellent Professor Wadan Narsey

If you haven’t already read it, take a look at Professor Wadan Narsey’s expose of the illegal regime’s failure to safeguard the interests of our nation in “The 2011 Budget Oscars: Burdening Future Generations” as published in Michael Field’s blog.

These figures, which make fascinating reading, makes one wonder if they have any connection to the Governor of the Reserve Bank’s resignation. After all, why should he bear the blame when it’s clearly this incompetent, illegitimate and illegal regime which is sending our finances, our currency and our future down the toilet? I would not want to be in Barry Whiteside’s shoes right now for all the tea in China.

God bless Fiji