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Bunkum evidence

So the military regime is “investigating” how Lt Col Mara escaped and who may have aided him. The figurative horse has already bolted from the stable – why spend so much time trying to figure out how the stable door came to be open?

The answer could lie in another case from the illegal regime’s deep, dark past. Coup 4.5 – ever on the ball – has unearthed interesting information about the conman, Peter Foster and his relationship with the illegal regime. It is evident that the regime spent a LOT of time using Foster’s testimony to legitimise their reasons for overthrowing the legitimately elected multi-party government.  All the information that Foster gave them was bunkum – poison fruit from a poison tree. But BainiVore, the malodorous Chodokant and their minions of the time quoted the information ad nauseum. Why? Because BainiVore needed to convince the Military Council that his plans were necessary. And through his lies, he managed to fool them.

So, this time, who is BainiVore trying to convince? What lies is he preparing the ground for, and for whose benefit – aside from his own? Does he need, once again, to pull the wool over the eyes of the Military Council? We know he wants to get rid of the Nailatikau’s. Perhaps he is trying to use Ului as red herring to achieve that.

Whatever his plans, we know that his intentions are evil. Members of the Military Council – DO NOT BE FOOLED! Get rid of him, strip him of his position, and take us back to free and fair elections. We are SO CLOSE to freedom now. Tabu soro.

God bless Fiji

Time to reveal all

Could the treatment of Driti and Ului Mara be the beginning of the end of the illegal regime?

Much has been whispered about the parting of ways at ‘the top’ – or as I like to call it, ‘the topple’. But if Driti and Ului Mara REALLY want to get serious about bringing down the regime, they should come clean and tell We The People about what is going on in the corridors of our hijacked government. We have a right to know and the illegal regime is certainly in no mind to tell us.

Driti and Mara probably don’t realise how close, how very close they are, right now, to being able to bring down the BainiVore-iArse axis of evil. BainiVore knows exactly how close he is to toppling, which is why he’s so afraid. He knows that Driti and Mara know so many of his dirty little secrets. They know where the bodies are buried, so to speak. And they can embarrass him.

So come on, gentlemen. Tell all. We The People deserve to know.

God bless Fiji.

One big bloody Want To Be

OmniVore thinks that he can convince the Association of South East Asian Nations to let his tinpot dictatorship join their fray. Perhaps this is because they have shown tolerance for Myanmar (aka Burma) which appears to be exactly the kind of tinpot dictatorship OmniVore is modelling our beloved country on.

What he refuses to realise is that ASEAN economies would eat Fiji up and spit us out. He sees this as ‘easy money’. It is the exact opposite. Right now OmniVore is like a poor, deluded, badly dressed, bloated and barefoot kabawaqa standing outside, looking in through the window and thinking that he is a sure-fire winner for the Miss Hibiscus crown.

Fiji seeking Ri`s support to become observer in Asean

Jakarta, April 7 (ANTARA) – The Republic of Fiji is seeking Indonesia`s support for its bid to obtain observer status in ASEAN according to Fijian Prime Minister Commodore Voreqe Bainimarama during a courtesy call on President Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono here Wednesday.

The Fijian prime minister is visiting Indonesia April 4-6 2011 ro strengthen his country`s relations with indonesia. .

After the 30 minutes meeting, Indonesian Foreign Affairs Minister Marty Natalegawa said that President Yudhoyono who acts as the 2011 ASEAN Chairman promised to convey the Fijian request to other ASEAN country members.

“They asked for Indonesian support to make Fiji an observer for ASEAN, and the president will convey it to other ASEAN member countries leaders,” said Marty

Fijian Prime Minister in Indonesia is also to open his county`s representative office or Embassy to Indonesia.

Previously Indonesia is listed be referring to Fijian representative office in Tokyo, Japan, but Indonesia has set its embassy in Fiji since 2002.

Marty said that Fijian Prime Minister and President Yudhoyono also discuss on the Republic of Fiji Islands interest to learn more on democracy in Indonesian because it is considered to be successfully applied.

“Experiences on democracy in Indonesia were discussed. The Foreign Affairs Ministry has been working with the Fijian government in facilitating to provide some sort of information from the General Election Commission (KPU) with the Fijian counter part on how to hold a democratic election,” Marty said.

Marty said that Fiji is going through a democrat ion process in the upcoming election which planned to be held on 2014.

Indonesia has also provided technical training to Fiji in the field of agriculture, fishery and diplomacy.

With the establishment of Fijian embassy in Indonesia, the two countries who have a diplomatic relation since 1974 will gain a stronger bond, where Indonesia also promised to provide more technical training courses to Fiji. (ANTARA)

We The People deserve far, far better than this. Free and fair elections, NOW!

God bless Fiji

Egypt’s parallels in Fiji

This article on Egypt’s upheaval by editor Christopher Hitchens in Conde Nast’s April edition of Vanity Fair has some stunning parallels to Fiji’s situation.

The day is coming when Fiji’s illegal interim military regime will fall. What we need in place is the interim government that will replace them, that We The People can get behind and support.

The goons are doing all they can to prevent an alternative administration forming (by dealing out lashings of beatings, etc) and to prevent We The People from voicing our protest (such as pressure on the organisers of the aborted 4 March rally).

There are two quotes from this excellent article, which appears on the page titled “Hitchens” (see top of the page), that stand out for Fiji’s situation. I paraphrase them here for Fiji.

Fiji is not a country with an army but an army that has a country.”


Bainimarama wants to be thought of as a father of our nation, only to discover that We The People want to be orphans.”

How long will we allow the illegal regime to make us their victims? How long will we allow them to rule us with our own fear?

You can read the full article online here http://www.vanityfair.com/politics/features/2011/04/hitchens-201104.

God bless Fiji

Vanity Fair is published by Conde Nast and is a darn good read

The goose that lays the golden egg

So the illegal regime thinks it can slay the goose that lays the golden egg?

The attempts to harrass Fiji Water have lead to some kind of climb-down by the regime once FW confirmed they would close their operation with the illegitimate new tax. Exactly what kind of climb-down it was, we can only guess in the absence of a free and unfettered media.

The whole episode sounds very much like Aesop’s fable of the goose that lays the golden egg. In the story, a poor couple find said golden-egg-laying goose and live off the riches it provides them. Then one day they get greedy and decide to kill the goose to see where the gold comes from. Having killed the goose, they get no more golden eggs. The moral of the story is: too much greed results in nothing.

The sad thing is that so many such fables and children’s stories could be applied to this regime, but they are simply too stupid, inept and greedy to take in the wisdom. The Emperor has no clothes (how the regime blinds themselves to the truth). The Wind and the Sun (kindness is superior to force). The boy who cried wolf (the regime calls our elected government corrupt, yet has never presented evidence) … the list goes on.

List children’s tales that you think the illegal regime should heed. There is much wisdom in the world. And none of it is with this illegal, illegitimate, idiotic regime.

Free and fair elections NOW! Tabu soro.

God bless Fiji

ID cards – against what threat?

So the dictator believes that we all need to carry ID cards in the interest of national security.

Under this regime we are prohibited from asking the obvious questions, but this IS cyber-space, so I’m going to have a go.  What real threat to our society could POSSIBLY be thwarted by compulsory ID cards?

The main threats to our national interest and civil life include:

  1. This regime, whose junta is unelected, self-appointed and refuses to allow We The People to voice our aspirations for the future of our beloved country
  2. The desecration of our systems of law, order and justice, by the above-mentioned junta
  3. Home incursions, which effect the daily living of every citizen who can no longer sleep securely with the doors and windows open because crime has flourished so thoroughly under this regime that we all must sleep in stifling heat or expensive air-conditioning (most of us under the latter because we cannot afford the former)
  4. The plundering of our national assets by this regime – forestry, agricultural, minerals, foreign assets (the junta has never answered the question of what the hell happened to our Crown properties in the US), fishing, the list goes on and on
  5. The spread of organised crime, prostitution and illegal drug culture which flourishes under this regime and will be almost impossible to stop once it has taken root

There are many other very real threats to our national interest, all of them flowing directly from this junta. So honestly, OmniVore – what or who are you trying to protect with this plan? And how do you intend to pay for it, because these schemes are prohibitively expensive. Many other Commonwealth countries have dropped the idea of compulsory ID cards because the costs far outweigh any potential benefits.

Is this something OmniVore is hoping to pay for with that $1billion he wants from the IMF? Because that idea has SCAM written all over it. If this is an intended programme for that IMF $1billion, who is to say it won’t go the same way as those legendary mill upgrades we were promised from India? That money went to India for the upgrades, but all that came back was spare parts – no upgrade. And OmniVore’s ‘people’ in the sugar industry were too scared and embarrassed to ‘fess up to it because the dictator has a bad temper, man, and they all know that, like all truly powerless people, he shoots the messenger.

Going on past performance, I would venture a guess that OmniVore’s plan is to get $1billion from the IMF, saddle Fiji’s current and future generations with a debt so huge that we stand little chance of ever paying it back and will have to ask, like Africa in days of yore, for amnesty. To justify the money, he will approve lame-brain expensive ideas, like compulsory ID cards, which have been brought to him by foreign (dare I say, Chinese or Indian) based companies who will charge enormous amounts for the service and fail to deliver a quality product. And he will pocket an extortionate proportion of the $1billion for himself and his corrupt cronies, sponsors and family members.

Is any of this sounding too far-fetched? I wish, from the bottom of my heart, that it did.

Free and fresh elections for Fiji. Now. Tabu soro.

God bless Fiji.