Qori! Vinaka Lt Col Mara

Bless him, he’s done it again. And this time, he’s done it with FIRE!

If you have not already seen it, please watch Lt Col Mara’s announcement on YouTube about the illegal regime’s lies since their inception ( and the lies that they have told to try and stay in power ( AND (this is the doozy) the amounts they are paying themselves and how they are getting it done.

Let us take our own power NOW. What other proof, evidence or reason do we need?

To the honourable officers who are left minding the fort (literally) – PLEASE gather up your loyal troops and incarcerate the illegal Dictator BainiVore, iArse and their minions until they can face justice under an elected government.  They have already cleared Naboro – let them now inhabit it.

Dear Lord, we are so close now.  Tabu soro.

(Oh, and btw Vore – POTE!!)

God bless Fiji

Bunkum evidence

So the military regime is “investigating” how Lt Col Mara escaped and who may have aided him. The figurative horse has already bolted from the stable – why spend so much time trying to figure out how the stable door came to be open?

The answer could lie in another case from the illegal regime’s deep, dark past. Coup 4.5 – ever on the ball – has unearthed interesting information about the conman, Peter Foster and his relationship with the illegal regime. It is evident that the regime spent a LOT of time using Foster’s testimony to legitimise their reasons for overthrowing the legitimately elected multi-party government.  All the information that Foster gave them was bunkum – poison fruit from a poison tree. But BainiVore, the malodorous Chodokant and their minions of the time quoted the information ad nauseum. Why? Because BainiVore needed to convince the Military Council that his plans were necessary. And through his lies, he managed to fool them.

So, this time, who is BainiVore trying to convince? What lies is he preparing the ground for, and for whose benefit – aside from his own? Does he need, once again, to pull the wool over the eyes of the Military Council? We know he wants to get rid of the Nailatikau’s. Perhaps he is trying to use Ului as red herring to achieve that.

Whatever his plans, we know that his intentions are evil. Members of the Military Council – DO NOT BE FOOLED! Get rid of him, strip him of his position, and take us back to free and fair elections. We are SO CLOSE to freedom now. Tabu soro.

God bless Fiji

Spread the word – coconut wireless goes digital

There was a Comments exchange on Coup FourPointFive between Anonymouses (anonymice? anonymii?) that is too good to allow to disappear into the ether. The best way to spread the word of Mara’s YouTube broadcasts to those of us who without internet access. Read more below, and please feel free to circulate.
Do keep checking in to Coup 4.5 for the latest developments. Those guys really have their finger on the pulse.

May 18, 2011 8:53 PM. Got an idea, since some of us in Fiji do not have internet access, why don’t those of us who do, download these videos, save them on our phones and bluetooth them around…..everybody in Fiji has a mobile phone… the way you can download any youtube video on this site:

May 18, 2011 9:34 PM. anonymous 8.53pm…kudos on the motion….
k, steps of doing that please, for some of us that are not familiar with it.

May 18, 2011 10:09 PM. @ anon 9:34.  Ok…these are the steps:

  1. Go to the ‘Keep Video’ website by typing in in your browser address or just go to google and google keepvid either way it will take you to the website.
  2. Once you’re there, copy the video’s url that is: v=n5o7sffmRGQ  or v=CFLnV01a2p8  and paste it in the blue url box
  3. Click download and you’re on
  4. It will give different options of format to download in…you can choose which ever one fits you  Note: you fill find that there is also an option for saving the mp3 format of the video that is the sound only…….this will come in handy for phones with no video…
  5. Once you’ve downloaded, connect your phone to your computer and save the videos in it.
  6. Once you’re done you can start sharing media file around…walla…job done!  Note: you have to download the video one by one….

Vinaka Saka

May 18, 2011 10:20 PM. issue instruction how to put this on mobile phones and sending by email, copies on disks and usb drives and send to all people groups in fiji, written copies to mail boxes and send to all media organisations in fiji

May 18, 2011 10:57 PM. There you go guys. Downloading is one best way of getting the message across to those in the rural areas….

Power to The People.

God bless Fiji.

Removal Men

Coup 4.5 deserves full credit for staying ahead of the curve with the Mara-v-regime story, and for breaking the news that the illegal Dictator (and his puppet) are planning to remove the illegal President, AND that the illegal President is about to remove them instead. I don’t know about you, but of the lesser of the evils I would prefer Ratu Epeli Nailatikau over OmniVore/iArse. For all his sins (and there are many), Nailatikau is likely and ready to take us back to elections and democracy.

Senior officers of our military – This is YOUR CHANCE FOR GREATNESS. Overthrow Bainimarama and iArse. They are only two men who are absolutely useless at fighting. You WILL WIN this one.

Soldiers – this is your chance to REALLY serve the best interests of our beloved country by bringing down an evil and illegal dictator. Close ranks AGAINST Bainimarama & iArse and you will feel the love and adoration of We The People for doing the right thing.

Ratu Epeli – if Bainimarama and iArse try to blackmail you with ANYTHING, for God’s sake, don’t listen to them. There is no information that they can spread about you which the entire population doesn’t already know. (This is Fiji, for goodness sake. No-one has secrets – even the bit about the Tui Cakau was known far and wide throughout his province.)  Please accept, sir, that we know many of your sins already, and that We The People want rid of this illegal regime even more than you do. This is your chance to correct the mistakes of the past. Return us to democracy, the rule of law and free, fair elections.

God bless Fiji

Today, Mafatu

Colonel Tevita Uluilakeba Mara has been whisked away to Tonga for refuge and has posted a jaw-dropping video on YouTube .

Bravo, sir, for your willingness to speak out AND to acknowledge that We The People will deal fairly with you when the regime has fallen.

What is needed now is:

1. For the video to be translated into Fijian, so that native speakers – especially in the common soldiery and the rural areas – can hear your story in your own words. Please post onto YouTube again;

2. For those serving in our Armed Forces to understand that they are no longer serving the interests of our country. They are instead serving the interests of iArse – a megalomaniac who wants the utter destruction of our culture, hopes and aspirations;

3. For the remaining senior officers in our military to rise up against iArse and finish the job that Ului and Driti started. Bring back our government to We The People and give us fresh, free and fair elections.  Justice will be brought to the perpetrators of this illegal regime.

For now, we must all play our part to do what is necessary to help bring that about. We are SO CLOSE NOW. It’s no longer ‘One day, Mafatu’.


Tabu soro.

God bless Fiji.

Egg on OmniVore’s face

So the Dictator could not resist gloating to the media for what he feels is a PR victory for him.

The man who is so accustomed to being told what he wants to hear, and only hearing what he wants to hear, refuses to understand that the foreign ministers and officials who are attending the meeting are doing so in order to voice their concerns with him. They have not come to Fiji to be OmniVore’s cheer leaders, no matter how much his ego longs for it to be so.

Want to show your distaste for the illegal regime? Why not write a message to each of the foreign ministers and officers attending the summit, photocopy the message and deliver it to their hotel?!  Tell them of your yearning to return to free and fresh elections. Tell them of your wish for a return to democracy. Tell them of how bright and prosperous our future was before OmniVore decided he wasn’t going to face trial for murder, and decided to act on his own lies and deceit.  Tell them your true opinion, thoughts, hopes and dreams.  Be sure NOT to put your name or identifying information on the messages, because the regime will no doubt persecute you for voicing your opinion (Big Brother SSJ’s is still trying to tap our mobile calls, don’t forget).

The Pacific won’t know how much We The People revile the illegal regime, unless we let them know. It is possible to argue fear of oppression and retaliation – but wouldn’t you rather try your hardest than live in fear?

Don’t give up the fight. Keep the faith.

God bless Fiji