Probes After BainiVore Loses Rigged Poll

First reported by intrepid Pacific correspondent, Michael Field, on, this story just keeps on giving as a superlative demonstration of the regime’s ethos – incompetent, egotistical, ill-tempered, unpopular and sore losers to boot.  With this kind of attitude, does anyone truly believe these bozos will allow us elections in 2014?

Fiji’s military dictator Voreqe Bainimarama has ordered two regime inquiries after he failed to win a television text message competition for personality of the year.

The regime’s attorney general Aiyaz Sayed-Khaiyum told a press conference in Suva that the poll result has been changed and Bainimarama is first – beating out a woman who won it on January 1, Premila Kumar of the Fiji Consumer Council.

Bainimarama, who ended democracy with an armed coup in 2006 and refuses to restore democracy until 2014 at the earliest, claims the text polling run by semi-privately owned Fiji TV and Vodafone, was undemocratic.

“The allegation is that members of the public could text in and give their vote and the announcement was going to be made on the first of January,” Sayed-Khaiyum says.

But they closed the poll on December 30 and ignored 1500 votes sent in on December 31 – and almost all of the votes on the last day were for Bainimarama. The uncounted votes appear to make up almost all of the submitted text votes.

Sayed-Khaiyum says Fiji TV has apologised and on January 9 reversed the result awarding the title to Bainimarama.

But the regime has sent a formal complaint to the Commerce Commission and to the Media Development Authority “in respect of unethical practices”.

The authority was established by military decree and has dacronian powers to close down media outlets or force them to change owners – as they did to the Rupert Murdoch owned Fiji Times.

Under the revised Personality of the Year results, Bainimarama apparently scored 1700 votes to Kumar’s 464.

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January 13, 2012


Two government inquiries have been ordered after Fijian military dictator Frank Bainimarama lost a television popularity poll.

Fiji TV reported on January 1 that Bainimarama came second in the text poll run by Fiji TV and Vodafone for Personality of the Year, behind Consumer Council chief executive Premila Kumar.

But another announcement was made by Fiji TV on January 9 that Bainimarama was the actual winner, FBC Radio reported.

Attorney-General Aiyaz Sayed-Khaiyum says he has subsequently reported the matter to the Commerce Commission and the Media Development for unethical practices.

“The allegation is that members of the public could text in and give their vote and the announcement was going to be made on the first of January,” he said.

“Unbenounced (sic) to many members of the public, Fiji TV closed the actual polls on the 30th of December as opposed to the 31st of December.

“We understand that Fiji TV subsequently made an apology and reversing the outcome, but what we are concerned about is the manner in which it was done in the first place.”

FBC said efforts to get comment from Fiji TV “proved futile”.

Blog Fiji Today reported that the December 30 cutoff was made because of “a suspiciously large number of texts on the 31st from numbers allocated to the military”.

One number voted 23 times.

This was considered suspicious by the television station and the earlier cutoff was to avoid the results being tainted, it said.

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