Today, Mafatu

Colonel Tevita Uluilakeba Mara has been whisked away to Tonga for refuge and has posted a jaw-dropping video on YouTube .

Bravo, sir, for your willingness to speak out AND to acknowledge that We The People will deal fairly with you when the regime has fallen.

What is needed now is:

1. For the video to be translated into Fijian, so that native speakers – especially in the common soldiery and the rural areas – can hear your story in your own words. Please post onto YouTube again;

2. For those serving in our Armed Forces to understand that they are no longer serving the interests of our country. They are instead serving the interests of iArse – a megalomaniac who wants the utter destruction of our culture, hopes and aspirations;

3. For the remaining senior officers in our military to rise up against iArse and finish the job that Ului and Driti started. Bring back our government to We The People and give us fresh, free and fair elections.  Justice will be brought to the perpetrators of this illegal regime.

For now, we must all play our part to do what is necessary to help bring that about. We are SO CLOSE NOW. It’s no longer ‘One day, Mafatu’.


Tabu soro.

God bless Fiji.


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