Time to reveal all

Could the treatment of Driti and Ului Mara be the beginning of the end of the illegal regime?

Much has been whispered about the parting of ways at ‘the top’ – or as I like to call it, ‘the topple’. But if Driti and Ului Mara REALLY want to get serious about bringing down the regime, they should come clean and tell We The People about what is going on in the corridors of our hijacked government. We have a right to know and the illegal regime is certainly in no mind to tell us.

Driti and Mara probably don’t realise how close, how very close they are, right now, to being able to bring down the BainiVore-iArse axis of evil. BainiVore knows exactly how close he is to toppling, which is why he’s so afraid. He knows that Driti and Mara know so many of his dirty little secrets. They know where the bodies are buried, so to speak. And they can embarrass him.

So come on, gentlemen. Tell all. We The People deserve to know.

God bless Fiji.


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