The Indonesia question

In recent times, BainiVore has courted Indonesia to be his New Best Friend, partly because he thinks it will p*** off Australia and New Zealand, but mostly because he knows he is nearly flat broke and he thinks he could tempt Indonesia’s corrupt political class with Fiji’s mineral reserves.

The OmniVore’s tactics become more transparent the longer he clings to power.

He has invited Indonesia’s military to hold training in our jungles. This is a thinly disguised excuse to bring additional military force onto our shores. He would most likely time this to co-incide with when We The People start publicly protesting against his tinpot regime. The Indonesians are no sensitive grasses when it comes to suppressing peaceful protesters.

There are government funds for a new Fiji embassy in Indonesia and yet We The People still have no ambassador in the UK. This is even though nearly 3,000 Fijians serve in the British Army and they repatriate to Fiji over $1m per month. Never mind the number of rugby players we have in Europe or the money that they repatriate. But that money goes to the families of those people. It doesn’t go to BainiVore’s … sorry, to the government’s pocket, so why should they need an Ambassador?

The other telling coincidence for the invitation to Indonesian military is the government’s plans to create space in Naboro. According to sources at Coup Four And A Half, the regime plans to fill the newly created spaces with former politicians, current trade unionists and generally people who speak out against them.

BainVore knows that the military will follow him as long as he keeps delivering for them. But as soon as they see he is weak, he is toast. So if he is planning to take out public figures who speak out against him, he needs more muscle power, he needs to inspire his troops with more than just empty words, and he needs to think outside the box for how he can do all that.

Right now, to BainiVore, Indonesia is his lifeline. What he doesn’t realise is that it can also be his final straw. He has already tried, and failed, to find solace in India and China but he is far too small a fish to play at their tables. Now he’s trying Indonesia. Where next?

We The People deserve better than this a-hole.

Free and fair elections now. Tabu soro.

God bless Fiji


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