One big bloody Want To Be

OmniVore thinks that he can convince the Association of South East Asian Nations to let his tinpot dictatorship join their fray. Perhaps this is because they have shown tolerance for Myanmar (aka Burma) which appears to be exactly the kind of tinpot dictatorship OmniVore is modelling our beloved country on.

What he refuses to realise is that ASEAN economies would eat Fiji up and spit us out. He sees this as ‘easy money’. It is the exact opposite. Right now OmniVore is like a poor, deluded, badly dressed, bloated and barefoot kabawaqa standing outside, looking in through the window and thinking that he is a sure-fire winner for the Miss Hibiscus crown.

Fiji seeking Ri`s support to become observer in Asean

Jakarta, April 7 (ANTARA) – The Republic of Fiji is seeking Indonesia`s support for its bid to obtain observer status in ASEAN according to Fijian Prime Minister Commodore Voreqe Bainimarama during a courtesy call on President Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono here Wednesday.

The Fijian prime minister is visiting Indonesia April 4-6 2011 ro strengthen his country`s relations with indonesia. .

After the 30 minutes meeting, Indonesian Foreign Affairs Minister Marty Natalegawa said that President Yudhoyono who acts as the 2011 ASEAN Chairman promised to convey the Fijian request to other ASEAN country members.

“They asked for Indonesian support to make Fiji an observer for ASEAN, and the president will convey it to other ASEAN member countries leaders,” said Marty

Fijian Prime Minister in Indonesia is also to open his county`s representative office or Embassy to Indonesia.

Previously Indonesia is listed be referring to Fijian representative office in Tokyo, Japan, but Indonesia has set its embassy in Fiji since 2002.

Marty said that Fijian Prime Minister and President Yudhoyono also discuss on the Republic of Fiji Islands interest to learn more on democracy in Indonesian because it is considered to be successfully applied.

“Experiences on democracy in Indonesia were discussed. The Foreign Affairs Ministry has been working with the Fijian government in facilitating to provide some sort of information from the General Election Commission (KPU) with the Fijian counter part on how to hold a democratic election,” Marty said.

Marty said that Fiji is going through a democrat ion process in the upcoming election which planned to be held on 2014.

Indonesia has also provided technical training to Fiji in the field of agriculture, fishery and diplomacy.

With the establishment of Fijian embassy in Indonesia, the two countries who have a diplomatic relation since 1974 will gain a stronger bond, where Indonesia also promised to provide more technical training courses to Fiji. (ANTARA)

We The People deserve far, far better than this. Free and fair elections, NOW!

God bless Fiji


One thought on “One big bloody Want To Be

  1. The bigger question to my mind is why is Fiji seeking RI’s sponsorship in becoming a member of ASEAN?

    Papua New Guinea who we are supposed to have stronger ties with (at least via the MSG alliance), is also a member of ASEAN and their sponsorship (esp because of their economic prowess today) would have been more appropriate? No?

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