“Violence is the last refuge of the incompetent”

The above quote by author Professor Isaac Asimov sheds much light on the pathetic illegal regime that is running our beloved Fiji.

The military’s beatings, which now seconds police officers for the dirty deeds, are repeatedly used to subvert and terrorise those who openly speak out against the regime, and those who would inspire others. Recent victims have included Felix Anthony, Sam Speight who join a growing list of names which began with the martyrs Tevita Malasebe, Nimilote Verebasaga and Sakiusa Rabaka.

Civilian defenders of the IIR are now asking themselves “WTF? They have all the power. Why are the beatings still going on?”  The simple answer is, because the beatings achieve the regime’s intention, which is to endlessly stifle the voice, the hopes, of We The People.

Every time the regime reverts to beatings, it is because the victim has made progress in instigating an action that the regime fears. Sam Speight was distributing DVD’s of a documentary which shows irrefutably that the regime is corrupt and harmful to Fiji’s best interests.

No official reason has been given for the beating of trade unionists Gaffar Ahmed, Felix Anthony, two areas reps and reporter Felix Chaudhary but one can imagine that they were simply doing what trade unionists do, which is to organise and be the voice of the workers. The sugar industry growers and workers have more than enough reason to gripe about the IIR, which in Ahmad’s words is “fooling the farmers by not telling them the real situation of the mills.” We all know that OmniVore does not like receiving bad news and, knowing his propensity to shoot the messenger, none of his puppets like to give him bad news. So the poor – no, the poverty-stricken – cane farmers are expected to wait in silence while the IIR refuses to recognise their problems, let alone start dealing with them reasonably.

Remembering back to earlier beatings of Richard Naidu, the women’s rights activists, reporters Shelvin Chand and Dionisia Turagabeci – if you want to see the roll call, check out the excellent list on Intelligentsiya’s home page – there is an escalation in the level of violence used in the beatings. Other than the murder of martyrs Malasebe, Rabaka and Verebasaga, the earlier detentions were designed to intimidate, humiliate and terrorise, but they did not include the perversions of recent beatings.

So – Why the escalation?

As Asimov points out, violence is the last refuge of the incompetent. The longer the regime is in power, the more incompetent they become, so perhaps the escalation in violence is a simple proof of their incompetence.

Or perhaps it is that they find their old methods of detention and beating was becoming a bit outdated, a bit “old hat” so they decided they needed to upgrade to Beating 2.0, now with added sodomy.

Or perhaps it is that the goons in charge of the beatings have discovered a certain penchant, a kinky liking for the whole sado-masochist scene. Maybe, through all these detentions and beatings, they have accessed their inner gimp (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Iu_IL1QS1Lk from the film Pulp Fiction “Bring out the gimp”).

I think all three possibilities are true, but in terms of psychology, the latter is the most interesting. Penioni Naliva’s increasingly violent focus on his captives’ anal region strongly suggests that he is acting out an anal fixation.  I wonder – is he compulsively neat (anal retentive) or compulsively untidy (anal explosive)? Does he realise that, the more he and the goons act out these fixations, the more we learn of his dirty little secrets?

The penchant for anal violence by fixated Peni “A” Naliva (the puns go on – ANALiva;  Anally 4 – as in “dua, rua, tolu …”; Anally 4 Eva) and his fellow goons tell us:

a)     that the regime keeps using this tactic because they feel it works best for them

b)    that the regime is afraid of anyone who speaks out against them

c)     that the regime is incompetent

d)    that the repeated and increasing focus on sodomy suggests the goons now experience on-going psycho-sexual gratification.  Basically – now they do it because they like it. (Woilei, their poor wives!)

Of the above, only (d) is a recent development. The rest we have known since 2006.

Fiji deserves free elections. Tabu soro.

God bless Fiji


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