Banana Splits?

The excellent expose by Coup Four Point Five tells of a high-ranking official in the junta who wants the status quo to change, who sees the rot that is around him (possibly ‘her’? doubtful) and knows full well how wrong it all is.

He cannot be alone. Surely others within the illegal regime also know that the house of cards will fall “One day, Matafu”.

So what do We The People do about it? There must be a way we can reach out to these discontents and let them know that we stand with them in their hopes to bring the b*stards down. That their hopes are like our own hopes.  That we do not lump them in with their corrupt, fatcat leaders. It starts with simple acts of defiance. It starts with the declaration “NO MORE!! “.

According to the anonymous official, OmniVore says things are easy when no-one says ‘No’. Let’s give him ‘NO!’ from every direction. And give his soldiers hope for “Yes”.

Divide the Army, and let the soldiers know it. The regime will fall. Tabu soro.

God bless Fiji.

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