Claw And Order

In so many ways, OmniVore’s coup is the worst Fiji has ever had.

Other coups were held for the sole purpose of sending the electorate back to the ballot box.  This is something which looks almost hopelessly impossible under this illegal regime as they fight tooth and claw to cling to power, even though doing so is plainly killing their golden-egg-laying goose.

Those old enough to remember the days of the Rabuka coups tell of how, under military rule, crime dried up almost completely. The crims were too scared to carry on with their normal business because if they got caught by the military, they faced military discipline which, back in those days, was enough to scare them to within an inch of their human rights. “Home incursions”were nearly unheard of in Rabuka’s day.

But with OmniVore and his goons, things are so very, very different. Home incursions are happening everywhere, all the time, and with increasing violence and breathtaking indifference. There are any number of stories floating around the internet (since the media have given up trying to publish the truth and opted instead for being damned): an elderly couple being burgled in their home in Pacific Harbour, local celebrity Neil Foon being violently assaulted in a robbery at his home with his family members, and the most recently the robbery of the Kabakoro family as Carpenters Shipping unloaded their container of personal possessions, criminals made off with much of the shipment, including the Kabakoro’s daughter’s Congressional Medals which she had been given as a contestant in the Miss Teen USA pageant. These items in particular are of no use whatsoever to your run-of-the-mill native crim. So why are they taking them? In the old days the robbers would take the VHS, any booze and tabuas or jewellery that might be on display. Such items could be quickly sold on the black market and the money was generally used to buy more booze.

Under this illegal regime, the criminals are far, far bolder. And more desperate. The fact that they are taking anything means they have access to more sophisticated channels for moving the stolen goods. And it also means that they are using the money for more nefarious uses than booze. Hard drugs have taken hold in our criminal community and without urgent action the problem might never go away.

That this is all taking place under a military regime also shows how ineffectual, corrupt and just plain useless these bozoes are. We The People deserve Free and Fair Elections NOW.

Tabu soro.

God bless Fiji

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