When Good Men Do Nothing

RIP Ratu Iloilo, Tui Vuda and former President of Fiji.

A good and decent man, beloved by all in the chiefly village of Viseisei and further afield, his time of leading our people is forever tarnished by the machinations of OmniVore, iArse, the malodorous Chodokant and their minions who manipulated a frail and vulnerable old man.

Unfortunately for the people of Fiji, in Ratu Iloilo’s final years his health was frail and his mental capacity was in question.

In a perfect world, he would have lived out his time as President with competent staff helping him to fulfill light duties and make him and Fiji look good while running the country to fulfill its best potential.

Edmund Burke is attributed with having said: “All that is necessary for the triumph of evil is that good men do nothing.”

This regime exploited the Tui Vuda, lied to him and manipulated him and, tragically, he was unable to do anything.

The Tui Vuda’s time is now past. Our hopes live on. Tabu soro.

God bless Fiji


One thought on “When Good Men Do Nothing

  1. as they say, he was either ‘mad or bad’, and when it counted most, he appeared perfectly comfortable to do away with the constitution and give legitimacy to military rule for eight very long years. Whether the man was kind to children or was likelable is hardly the point.

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