True corruption

There are two jobs that every person in Fiji thinks they can do better than the incumbent.

The first is the job of running the country, and in this particular case every person in Fiji is absolutely right (except, of course, for the bozoes in charge of the illegal regime).

The second is the job of running the FRU. Many good people – men and women alike – have done their best to help steer our national sport to be the best it can be in the circumstances. The Board, the Executive, even the media – everyone does their bit.

And now the illegal regime, who are making a complete hash of steering our government and stewarding our national resources, has decided to turn their foul hand to our national game.

For what? To make it better? Anyone reading Michael Field’s excellent article in NZ’s Sunday Star Times will see through that facade. OmniVore, his henchmen and their spouses can smell a freebie better than a shark smells blood.

As Discombobulated Bubu shows in her blog, it’s time for our own revolution.

Kick out the corrupters. Tabu soro.

God bless Fiji.


2 thoughts on “True corruption

  1. How do you indeed to kick them out? Beat them with the sasa broom. I say we take up arms and start a real revolution. I say we start now. Lets rise up and take it to them. What do they think they the only ones who know how to use a gun. If no school, vuli vakavo mother fuckers know how to use a weapon then cmon we are better. Lets make a name for ourselves and call our new army “Fiji Republic Liberation Army” Cmmon Fiji vakacava? Lets start a revolution and kill everyone of these bastards now and rid these lands of lying murdering thieves. We will break them down and cut off their heads and feed their flesh to the birds of the air and fishers of the sea. I say again lets start a real revolution.

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