The ever-excellent Professor Wadan Narsey

If you haven’t already read it, take a look at Professor Wadan Narsey’s expose of the illegal regime’s failure to safeguard the interests of our nation in “The 2011 Budget Oscars: Burdening Future Generations” as published in Michael Field’s blog.

These figures, which make fascinating reading, makes one wonder if they have any connection to the Governor of the Reserve Bank’s resignation. After all, why should he bear the blame when it’s clearly this incompetent, illegitimate and illegal regime which is sending our finances, our currency and our future down the toilet? I would not want to be in Barry Whiteside’s shoes right now for all the tea in China.

God bless Fiji


One thought on “The ever-excellent Professor Wadan Narsey

  1. One thing about Wadan’s report is that is highlights one of the main reasons why “the ends justify the means” can never be a reliable policy guide.

    The Fiji regime has committed all its legal, rights and commercial abuses under the proviso of the Charter “ends” that supposedly justified them.

    But now we can unmistakably see from Wadan’s regime budget report card, that the ends can’t justify means if they are not being achieved.

    The regime is either not achieving stated economic development goals, or is achieving the polar opposite of them by making a tough economic situation worse. As Wadan had noted in previous articles, the 2006 was a “cure” that was worse than the “disease” it hoped to “treat”.

    People with some kind of moral compass would have been able to see the current state of affairs coming years ago. Now pretty much anyone can see it. There must be very few genuine coup supporters left now.

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