ID cards – against what threat?

So the dictator believes that we all need to carry ID cards in the interest of national security.

Under this regime we are prohibited from asking the obvious questions, but this IS cyber-space, so I’m going to have a go.  What real threat to our society could POSSIBLY be thwarted by compulsory ID cards?

The main threats to our national interest and civil life include:

  1. This regime, whose junta is unelected, self-appointed and refuses to allow We The People to voice our aspirations for the future of our beloved country
  2. The desecration of our systems of law, order and justice, by the above-mentioned junta
  3. Home incursions, which effect the daily living of every citizen who can no longer sleep securely with the doors and windows open because crime has flourished so thoroughly under this regime that we all must sleep in stifling heat or expensive air-conditioning (most of us under the latter because we cannot afford the former)
  4. The plundering of our national assets by this regime – forestry, agricultural, minerals, foreign assets (the junta has never answered the question of what the hell happened to our Crown properties in the US), fishing, the list goes on and on
  5. The spread of organised crime, prostitution and illegal drug culture which flourishes under this regime and will be almost impossible to stop once it has taken root

There are many other very real threats to our national interest, all of them flowing directly from this junta. So honestly, OmniVore – what or who are you trying to protect with this plan? And how do you intend to pay for it, because these schemes are prohibitively expensive. Many other Commonwealth countries have dropped the idea of compulsory ID cards because the costs far outweigh any potential benefits.

Is this something OmniVore is hoping to pay for with that $1billion he wants from the IMF? Because that idea has SCAM written all over it. If this is an intended programme for that IMF $1billion, who is to say it won’t go the same way as those legendary mill upgrades we were promised from India? That money went to India for the upgrades, but all that came back was spare parts – no upgrade. And OmniVore’s ‘people’ in the sugar industry were too scared and embarrassed to ‘fess up to it because the dictator has a bad temper, man, and they all know that, like all truly powerless people, he shoots the messenger.

Going on past performance, I would venture a guess that OmniVore’s plan is to get $1billion from the IMF, saddle Fiji’s current and future generations with a debt so huge that we stand little chance of ever paying it back and will have to ask, like Africa in days of yore, for amnesty. To justify the money, he will approve lame-brain expensive ideas, like compulsory ID cards, which have been brought to him by foreign (dare I say, Chinese or Indian) based companies who will charge enormous amounts for the service and fail to deliver a quality product. And he will pocket an extortionate proportion of the $1billion for himself and his corrupt cronies, sponsors and family members.

Is any of this sounding too far-fetched? I wish, from the bottom of my heart, that it did.

Free and fresh elections for Fiji. Now. Tabu soro.

God bless Fiji.


2 thoughts on “ID cards – against what threat?

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  2. Great thoughts as always. Whats the difference between Omnivoreees & SAPs? They both have failed!! IMF & WB are trying their best to correct the ideology they have given to the developing world for so long. Here Vore wants to carry out his reforms as if it matters anymore to both WB & IMF. For goodness-sake these are money machine & will only lend as long as they get their pound of flesh in return. They do not really care about this minute ID Cards issuance etc. That does not bring them any monetray benefits. As for the people: Omnivore is just another …Sadam – 4th Reitch in the making or worse still Hitler has returned in a mix breed form!!

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