Teleni resigns

All is not well in the camp.


Fiji’s military appointed police chief, who was also a key plotter in the country’s 2006 coup, has resigned.

The resignation of Commodore Esala Teleni as police commissioner came amidst censored reports of unrest and turmoil in the police.

Several senior officers have been fired and are facing mutiny charges.

Earlier this month a Fiji journalist was detained by police for 24 hours for reporting that Teleni had resigned.

Teleni’s brief statement said he resigned yesterday afternoon after making what he said was a “significant contribution to the Fiji Police Force”.

He said he wanted to consider “further career opportunities”.

Teleni, who was deputy to Bainimarama in the Fiji Military Forces, played a key role in the December 2006 coup.

While Bainimarama was out of the country, Teleni mobilised forces at a time when they believed Australian forces may be about to land in Suva.

Is this the start of the self-implosion? Teleni may know ‘where the bodies are buried’ so the saying goes …

God bless Fiji


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