OmniVore the Doce

From The Australian

FIJI’S self-appointed prime minister Frank Bainimarama says only the military can get his country back to democracy – and “we’ll need to shut some people up”.

Commodore Bainimarama, who is also Fiji’s military leader, says he doesn’t trust politicians, judges or the public to return to democracy.

“I don’t trust the people,” he told ABC television’s Foreign Correspondent.

Commodore Bainimarama seized power in a 2006 coup and has delayed elections, sacked judges and cracked down on the media, sparking a bitter row with Australia.

He justified his clampdown on media freedom by saying that some media outlets understood his regime’s need to bring about reforms before democracy could be installed.

“They understood that at some stage we’ll need to shut some people up, and stop this from bringing about instability,” he said.

“Those reforms will never happen if we open everything out to every Tom, Dick and Harry to have their say.”

Commodore Bainimarama said he had silenced the Methodist Church and some chiefs because they were politicised and had been misleading the nation.

“I need to have them silenced,” he said.

The region’s pre-eminent regional group, the Pacific Islands Forum (PIF), is meeting in Vanuatu this week but Fiji has been suspended.

Commodore Bainimarama said he did not want to be in the group because it was subject to infighting, and Australia and New Zealand were dominating it.

“They crept in slowly like the proverbial camel, you know, with their head in, and then the front legs, and then the back legs, and all of a sudden the owners of the tent were out and they were inside the tent,” he said.

He said Australia and New Zealand were “not Pacific islanders” and should not be in the PIF.

Commodore Bainimarama reiterated his plan to reform Fiji’s constitution to be free of racial politics, and hold elections in 2014.

He would not be drawn on whether he would run for prime minister, saying he could not make that decision now.
Fiji’s constitution sought to set aside some seats for ethnic blocks. At the heart of Fiji’s trouble lies a power struggle involving the large Fijian Indian community and different indigenous groups.

So let’s see if we have this right:

1. OmniVore doesn’t trust democracy in the hands of politicians, the judiciary or We The People. He may have a point with the first one, but you can’t have democracy without the second two. More nonsense from the no-sense Dictator.

2. OmniVore and his goons need to ‘shut some people up’ and stop ‘this’ from bringing instability. Is he alleging that people talking will bring about instability, whereas a coup d’etat won’t?  Is this hypocrisy, hypo-crazy or Creepo-hissy?

3. “Those reforms will never happen if we open everything out to every Tom, Dick and Harry to have their say.” What’s more important here – Vore’s reforms, or the Will of We The People?

4. OmniVore accuses the Methodist Church and some politicians of misleading the nation. Any misleading of nation done by religious or any political institutions pales in comparison to how OmniVore is selling our future out to the highest bidder (ie China).And he is giving us no say in our future, our country, our nation.

5.OmniVore says he doesn’t want to be in the PIF group. Suck sh**, ****head, you don’t have a choice. You got us kicked out.

6. He wants Australia and NZ out of the Pacific Forum, but wants to remove ‘racial politics’ from Fiji. How can OmniVore be so blind to his own contradictions?Is he really THAT stupid? (Yes. He really is. THAT stupid.)

Free and Fair Elections. Now!

Tabu soro.

God bless Fiji


2 thoughts on “OmniVore the Doce

  1. Hey FG – good to see you back!!

    The problem with this line of journalistic questioning is that the assumption seems to be that to get anywhere, you need to convince Frank he is wrong.

    But that is not the essence of democracy. If it was, the Brits would have needed to convince Gordon Brown that his time was up before he agreed to leave Downing St.

    Democracy at its root cannot about convincing politicians or their advisors that it is time to go. If that were the case, Frank will never go because of his ignorance is invincible and self-sustaining.

    Rather, it is simply about the reader making up their own minds if there is anything worth bothering about or persevering with in what they just read.

    As you have ably pointed out in the case of this interview with Frank – No, there is not one trace of anything worthwhile in what is essentially a pastiche of lies and foolishness.

    Whether Frank understands that or not is immaterial – we understand it, and that’s all that matters for us.

    Oh – by the way, I believe the Beeb Radio is playing a special sometime today called “Useful Idiots”. It is about academics who somehow get roped or duped into saying good things about bad regimes.

    Could be a good insight into anomalies like Croz Walsh. Despite being miles smarter than Frank, Croz has still somehow managed to construct some kind of subconscious Freudian rationalization around the 2006 that has prevented him from bringing his intellect to bear on it!

  2. There is another thing in his idiotic mumblings: The reforms…He refers to these reforms several time but never actually says what they are or will be. Can somebody help here? What reforms?

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