Leweni for NZ Ambassador? Bah ha ha ha ha ha

Fiji coup figure heads to Wellington (Source: ONE News)

Fiji’s military government is hoping to post one of its most controversial coup figures to Fiji’s New Zealand high commission office.

In a move that is likely to ruffle feathers in the New Zealand government, Fiji has applied to have Lieutenant Colonel Neumi Leweni working from Wellington.

Leweni played a major role in the country’s 2006 coup and has been responsible for censoring local media, deporting Australian and New Zealand journalists and curbing free speech.

He, like others directly connected to the country’s regime, is banned from even travelling to New Zealand or Australia.

But the Fiji government hopes to have him officially installed in a counselling post in Wellington under a new arrangement to boost diplomatic ties between the two countries.

New Zealand’s foreign minister Murray McCully offered the extra posting at the start of January as an olive branch to mend regional relations and help return Fiji to democracy earlier than the 2014 election date set by leader Frank Bainimarama.

The self-appointed prime minister has broken several promises to go to the polls since staging a December 2006 coup.

Bainimarama’s office has told the Fiji Village website it has nominated Leweni for the job, while Leweni himself says his nomination is yet to be confirmed.

Fiji government sources confirmed to Fairfax New Zealand that Leweni’s name has been put forward.

Bainimarama did not confirm the name on Auckland’s Radio Tarana on Thursday but says he is awaiting New Zealand’s response on the posting.

“We are extremely pleased that the New Zealand government is taking a step forward in redeeming our diplomatic relations,” he told the station.

“We have submitted our nominee for the position for counsellor as agreed to in our initial meeting between our two foreign ministers.

“New Zealand is yet to respond on this.”

Source – TVNZ

Don’t take the posting, Leweni. Don’t do it. Right now everyone in Fiji knows how incompetent  you are, and out of your depth. But we are ‘the devil you know’. You put yourself forward as Ambassador to New Zealand, and your stupidity will be on stage for all to see throughout the Pacific. They say people get promoted to their own incompetence – well, you have already surpassed yourself. Please don’t go any further. You really don’t need to, and We The People really don’t want you to.

God bless Fiji


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