Ah yes, but how sustainable is it?

The fun part of the challenge of building a sandcastle lies in the fact your building material is inherently unstable.  Same principle applies to a house of cards.  The skill lies in building as high as you can, pushing the medium to its limits, before it all falls, inevitably, to pieces.  

What OmniVore refuses not understand is that the illegal regime he is building in our beloved Fiji, is similarly unstable.  Inherently unstable.  Under democratic rule we had a bright, prosperous country with sustainable growth.  We were the envy of many of our Pacific neighbours and far flung developing countries.  

Now we are on par with Myanmar, even though their illegal junta has been at it for longer.  

The Reserve Bank of Fiji has announced that our foreign reserves exceed $900m.  That is the kind of figure that might impress the common soldiery but for anyone who bothers to look beneath the surface you will see that the figure (assuming it is true, and that’s just as likely as not) represents an unsustainable structure.  

We know the illegal regime has illegally purloined state and national assets, and in doing so fabricated more documents than the Stalagluft III escapees.  We know that our New York embassy, which used to be wholly owned by We The People, is now mysteriously no longer listed as a wholly owned foreign mission.  We know that bauxite is being sold off to China.  Lord knows what is being sold off to India. What of the drug cartels, sex trade and paedophile networks that have taken root since 2006?  

You can fool yourself, Vore.  But We The People know the score.  You house of cards will fall around your ears.  

God bless Fiji


One thought on “Ah yes, but how sustainable is it?

  1. Yep – they have managed to put off facing the music for now. But they won’t be able to escape it forever.

    But even with the surprising series of left field rabbits they’ve been conjure out of nowhere, the economy is still heading resolutely backwards.

    Sooner or later there’ll simply be no rabbits left to pull. Meanwhile in 5 years time we’ll be facing the same economic doldrums at today, but with tens of thousands more unemployed school-leavers thrown into the mix (all wondering why they cannot take part in the unmerited gravy-train that military officers have served up to them on a plate), and thousands more forced retirees (all wondering what happened to the value of their FNPF pensions).

    So these guys are really just surviving tricky crises today, in order to face worse ones tomorrow.

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