SNAFU on Planet Vore

Rumour : RFMF choir continues to recruit musicians in their preparations for the Methodist Church Conference.  

Possible explanations

a) The RFMF Choir manager is a complete optomist 

b) Vore wants it to look like the military wants the annual Conference to go ahead

c) Vore wants to win the Choir competition so badly that he wants the other choirs in Fiji to be unprepared


Rumour: Reverend Kanailagi was forcefully and unceremoniously manhandled out of his house by three soldiers.  Rev. Kanailagi asked the soldiers in Fijian who ordered them to come and take him. They replied the Commander did to which he replied if Frank is a man and he has something he wants to ask me he should do it himself.  Two of the soldiers who detained Rev. Kanailagi passed away this morning. 

Possible explanations

a) Vore’s just a blerry coward, eh? 

b) The faith of the Methodist Church leaders and their flock are no mere trifle.  Lord hear our prayer.  

c) The soldiers themselves are conflicted about the orders Vore is forcing them to follow 

d) Some things just defy explanation


Rumour: Vore wants to dissolve the Methodist Church in Fiji and replace it with the psycho … sorry … the New Methodist Church.  

Possible explanations

a) Vore does not understand True Faith.  He still can’t understand how our fasts can have such a huge impact on his tinpot rule, but they do.  He has no respect for any religion (outside of his own, and the Catholics don’t exactly have  spotless record for living in peace, harmony and tolerance with other faiths).  Otherwise, how could he – even as hopelessly stupid as he is – think that you can easily substitute one Faith for another, like he is trying to do with our institutions?  Faith is a very powerful thing Vore.  You tamper at your peril.  

b) The guy is a nutter


Rumour: Vore is sending his goons to try and infiltrate the Rotuman and Indian circuits of the Methodist Church, believing he might have more impact there.  

Possible explanations:

a) Well, like I said before – the guy is a hopelessly stupid, cowardly nutter


God bless Fiji


3 thoughts on “SNAFU on Planet Vore

  1. Dear Fijigirl,
    Your blog has been a great blog & hope you will maintain that. We enjoy reading your postings, however, quoted below is an excerpt which may need to be rephrased we think, …”He has no respect for any religion (outside of his own, and the Catholics don’t exactly have spotless record for living in peace, harmony and tolerance with other faiths). ” unquote.

    Vore B. is really a forced upon Catholic & even though he is close to the head of the Catholic Church much against the wishes of the Catholic people, the Catholic Church itself must not be allowed to be dragged into the mud just because Vore B has dragged Fiji down under. The two have different standards. The Catholic Church has integrity & promotes Christian beliefs just like other Christian Denominations. Vore B is a man who has brought disgrace to Fiji.

    Oh, by the way, Ro Temumu Kepa [Marama Roko Tui Dreketei is a pure breed Catholic, just in case the Methodist wants to lay claims on her Faith].

  2. Point taken, Fijitruth. It is not the fault of the Catholic Church that this useless turd forces himself upon their faith. Thank you for enlightening us all. God bless Fiji

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