Looking over your shoulder, OmniVore?

From Raw Fiji News, 22 July 2009 

By Peter Firkin peterfirkin@gmail.com

I have recieved an email from Auckland with the information below.

Someone has asked for assistance from Minter Ellison, a law firm in Auckland New Zealand specializing in International law.

 The questions posed to Minter Ellison were:

 What steps must be taken by the current Fiji Administration to ensure that no prosecutions, either domestically or in International Courts, could be made after a democratic election?

 What legal redress can be taken against the RFMF for actions or inaction since the 2006 coup and how can such actions be defended against?

 Specifically the accountability of senior officers for following orders and the legality of the orders at various times is to be defined.

 The account has been opened by an anonymous person or persons and has been initially paid for by a $5000 bank cheque drawn on Westpac’s Viaduct Harbour Branch in Central Auckland.

Does this mean that someone in the RFMF is planning the way out?

– Never forget, Vore, it’s not a case of IF.  It’s simply a case of WHEN.  

You do not respect the Rule of Law.  How can you expect it to protect you?  

God bless Fiji


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