Scared of Marches, eh Vore?

PER to stay in Fiji till end of year

30 June 2009 – The Public Emergency Regulations will stay on till the end of the year. 

This was revealed to FBCL News by the Prime Minister Commodore Voreqe Bainimarama. 

Bainimarama says some people with dirty political motives are awaiting the removal of the emergency regulations and organise a protest march against some government decisions. 

He says the government of the day and the security forces will not allow that to happen the emergency regulations will be in place till the end of the year.

Bainimarama says they will give no room for anyone or any institution to cause incitement.

So what does this tell us about OmniVore?  

Reading between the lines, we can clearly see that Vore’s greatest fear is the power of We The People.  That’s true lasting power, not the momentary blip you get as long as you are the one holding the only gun.  

So, he won’t let us organise official marches.  That’s fine.  We can get creative.  The Black Arm Bands are working a charm.  There are other things we can do.  Vore wants to copy the regime in Burma?  We can copy the democracy activists in Iran.  We can get Twittering.  We can organise spontaneous marches at the drop of a hat, and disperse just as quickly.  We can organise gatherings in the main cities and towns.  We can meet on the beaches.  

We can do anything we choose, if we have the will to succeed.  That’s REAL power.  

Tabu soro.  

God bless Fiji


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