Landowners should have first refusal for purchase to proposed state asset sale

From Jean D’Ark on Raw Fiji News

I seem to remember Jim Ah Koy floating a similar idea of selling Government Quarters in 1997/8 when he was trying to think of ways to get the then SVT Government out of its own financial woes at the time.

The move was dropped in pretty short order though, once the NLTB reminded Government that State land is really just native land required by the State. Therefore, once the State has no further need of said land, it MUST then revert back to native title under the original landowning unit. Furthermore, those landowners must have first refusal for purchase of any state assets (read houses) on the land in question.

So if the powers that be are really determined to proceed with this initiative, they will only be creating a problem that will not go away for a very long time. The Suvavou people are still contesting how the land rents for most of Suva are no longer paid to them, but for some reasons lost in obscurity, instead switched over to Government and RTDreketi some time in the early 1900s. So they will hardly let something go that happens right in front of their own eyes!

Jean D’Ark

God bless Fiji


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