Major Lewzer

Fiji seeks ACP’s help in securing EU sugar subsidies

Friday, May 22, 2009 : SUGAR ministers of ACP countries have been asked to plead on Fiji’s behalf to the European Commission to overturn its decision to suspend the $69.8million (EUR$24m) aid for the country’s sugar reforms programme.

“A degree of flexibility” is what Fiji needs, the government delegation told the ministerial conference in Guyana today.

The Fiji delegation hoped the ACP ministers would back Fijis call for reconsideration at the ACP-EU Joint Council meeting in Brussels later this month.

The Fiji submission to the ACP sugar ministers said the country could only take full advantage of additional market access opportunities for sugar in the EU market, and meet its obligations to its EU buyer, if the reforms were carried out in time.

Fiji is a member of the ACP States, comprising 48 African, 16 Caribbean and 15 Pacific former European colonies, which are signatories of the Lome Convention with the European Commission on tariff preferences.

This preferential pricing arrangement is expected to end in September because the World Trade Organisation (WTO) had ruled that the preferential market and pricing regime violated free trade rules.


You have got to be kidding, Vore.  Just how fewken dumb are you?  Do you honestly think the ACP countries will see the EUR24m Fiji has foregone, left there unspent in the pot, look at the existing poverty in their own countries, and say to themselves “Well, that money really should go to Fiji and I am going to bend over backwards to make it happen.” 


Do you really think that is what will happen? 

No way do those third-world leaders give a darn that Vore has been stupid enough to lose hold of that money. 

They aren’t standing there thinking ‘Oh my, I must help Fiji get that money.’

They’re thinking ‘How can I get me some a that?’ 

In their individual minds, they have already spent that money and categorized Vore in the ‘Major Lewzer’ box.

In even turning up in Guyana, let alone making this misguided plea, OmniVore shows the international community – yet again – that he is hopelessly amateur, in way over his head, and too incompetent to run even a corrupt tinpot third world regime.  

How dumb can one pig be? 

God bless Fiji


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