Barking up the wrong tree, and just plain barking

So the illegal regime and Real Fiji News think that Richard Naidu, Jon Apted and Tevita Fa are bloggers?  

Talk about not being able to see one’s own nose!  Real Fiji News especially should know by now that REAL bloggers, like yours truly, are not the movers and shakers of the movement.  Like the faceless drones behind Real Fiji News, we are commentators, observers – voyeurs, if you will – and, since the death of our media freedom, ersatz reporters.  

People like Richard Naidu, Jon Apted, Tevita Fa, Dorsami Naidu, Shamima Ali, Virisila Buadromo are too busy out there DOING the good deeds to have the time or inclination to then write about them and spend countless hours bitching online about the illegal regime.  Like we bloggers do.  They have better ways to spend their time.  

We bloggers have our duty – I like to think an important one – in bringing down this illegal regime through channelling information, fuelling support and keeping the debate alive. But, like the Judean People’s Front, we ain’t necessarily where the action is.  

It must have been quite a bitch-slap to the face after they hauled in the real lawyers, accused of blogging, up to camp to find that suddenly every blog site reported their detention.  

Vore – Aha! So we have you nasty little bloggers at last 

Naidu / Apted / Fa – ?? 

Vore – I know you have been blogging against me.  Now you will pay for your- 

Corporal Doce – … Boso

Vore – Don’t interrupt me!  Now you will pay for your – 

Corporal Doce – … Boso 

Vore – Na cava?  

Cpl Doce – Boso, all the blogs, they are reporting we just brought these guys in. 

Vore – Huh?  

Cpl Doce – ‘Eah.  

Vore – Intelligentsiya? 

Cpl Doce – Yes boso.  

Vore – *&^%!  Okay.  So you three are not behind Intelligentsiya … Coup 4.5? 

Cpl Doce – Yes boso. 

Vore – *&^%!  Raw Fiji News? 

Cpl Doce – Yes boso. 

Vore – @*$^!.  Fiji Democracy Now? 

Cpl Doce – Yes boso.  

Vore – &$%^!  Discombobulated Bubu? 

Cpl Doce – Ah.  Yes boso.  But, ah, these men here, I don’t think any of these gang will be one grandmother…. 

Vore – Sa! Dina.  Ok.  You three – you can go.  But don’t do it again.  

Cpl Doce – Vei ta lia.  It was a good theory, boso.  


God bless Fiji

5 thoughts on “Barking up the wrong tree, and just plain barking

  1. Good one Fiji Girl! And so true! The junta buggers couldn’t find their own arse if they could look between their legs!

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  4. I wonder what would happen to this website if Frederica Elbourne were taken up to the barracks for a few days of questioning.

  5. Wonder away. Your wandering is way off anyway. Our movement is not just a handful of discontents. There are hundreds of thousands of us, We The People, who reject the rule of the lewzers, and are dedicated to bringing them down.

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