Illegal regime uses extortion against local businesses

The illegal regime is forcing local businesses to pay extra ‘levies’ if they want to stay open past 5pm.  

After recent attempts to force Hot Bread shops to close, the regime is now demanding that any businesses who stay open past 5pm must pay for the priviledge.  

There are many problems with this.  In the first instance, the regime has abolished local councils but businesses are still paying for local council services (charges are paid a year in advance). Where is the value for money for business investors if they find themselves without local council support and facing extortion from the illegal regime?  

Secondly, those who decide to challenge the demand find they are hamstrung.  There is no rule of law, so there are no courts, so there is no way to obtain any injunction against the demand.  The only available course of action is to lodge a complaint.  To whom is this complaint made?  Oh, the Police, which answers to the military, which is under the control of the illegal regime.  So sorry, chickens, that your hen house is in an uproar.  And if you want to complain about it, the best person to speak to is the fox who is busy running amok inside, causing all the ruckus you want to complain about.    

There is another, more fundamental problem here.  The illegal regime has proven time and again that they cannot be trusted to act fairly or for the good of the nation.  (Their only drive is for self-interest.)  There is nothing, repeat nothing, to stop them from increasing the value of the fees demanded.  

Without the checks and balances of the Rule of Law, the illegal regime has nothing to stop them (and by extension will therefore probably not stop) from squeezing whatever amount of money they can from local investors to feed their OmniVores leader.  

In a way, Vore has appointed himself Fiji’s pimp.  He is forcing businesses to exist in appalling conditions, spends all of his ‘take’, and whenever he sees there is a bit of profit floating about, he bitch-slaps the proprietor, claims the money is rightfully his, and demands the company keeps making ‘more sugar for Papa’.  Does he see what a parody he makes of himself?  Probably not.  

A while ago, OmniVore appealed to foreign investors to come and invest in Fiji.  After these latest shenanigans, why on earth would they?  

God bless Fiji


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