OmniVore, the cannibal

Back in the day, when we Fijians were cannibals, the idea of eating another human was not so much a survival tactic as a symbolic ceremony.  The cannibal, in eating another human, subsumed their power – using the victim’s body to make themselves grow stronger, if you will. Those days are gone now.  Or so we thought. 

Everything Bainimarama tries to do to our government, our Rule of Law, our institutions, our land and our heritage, shows he is trying to subsume the power of our entire nation.  He does not understand that great leaders know their own limits, and act accordingly.  He has no understanding of limits to what he can or should do, so he tries to do it all, control it all, cannibalise it all like a huge, fat, guzzling no-holds-barred, gluttonous omnivore – in fact, an OmniVore. 

OmniVore strips our indigenous institutions of their ability to lift the indigenous people out of poverty.  He tries to disband our Great Council of Chiefs, erase the VKB (which lists all indigenous Fijians), tries under the table to abolish native land rights, is hijacking Fijian Holdings and is even trying to cripple successful indigenous businesses.  He even sucks the savings money out of our national provident fund. 

OmniVore knee-caps our civil service, forcing nearly 5000 competent civil servants to retire.  (And, given there are no funds left in FNPF, these people are left with nothing to survive on.)  

OmniVore kills off our sustainable industries.  Tourism, sugar, agriculture and fisheries are all reeling from Vore’s insatiable appetite for money and his Dementor-like kiss.  Air Fiji has closed down and Air Pacific may not survive.  Our media is choked, raped and pillaged daily by OmniVore’s censors.  Every industry the OmniVore touches instantly self-composts. 

OmniVore corrupts our Police Force.  The former head of the Police, Andrew Hughes and his replacement Romanu Tikotikoca were the best Commissioners in living memory.  Today, our Fiji Police is run by military men who don’t know what they’re doing, who demotivate our Police officers, rail against our non-Christian police and preach incomprehensible sermons which have nothing to do with protecting and serving We The People. 

One of OmniVore’s more odious deeds has been to destroy the Rule of Law in Fiji.  The corrupt judges may be on a break, but will probably return.  Murderers, called ‘manslaughterers’, are turned loose so quickly it is an outright insult to the victims’ families.  OmniVore makes further mockery of our legal system by giving illegal interim Minister for Justice MyArse the power to issue licenses to legal practitioners, cannibalising that power from the Fiji Law Society.

He gets us suspended from the Forum, and the Commonwealth.  ACP countries view us askance.  OmniVore thinks this is progress? Everything he does tries to subsume the power of We The People – taking us right back to cannibal days.  Those who won’t learn from history are condemned to repeat it, OmniVore.  Is cannibalism really what you want?  

God bless Fiji


6 thoughts on “OmniVore, the cannibal

  1. Sadly, this is an excellent summation of the plight of Fiji today under the irrational, deluded Dictator Bainimarama and his croneys.
    Hang in there, beautiful Fijians, small comfort though it is, as every day passes, it is one day closer to the Dictator’s demise.

  2. Frank is more scared now of soldiers around him more than anyone else.He has to keep them happy as proved by his busting of the military budgets for the past few years,paying all forms of allowances and expenditures,once rejected by past governments.
    His senior officers,the most vocal members of the Military Council now hold senior positions in Government,earning 3-4 times salary from what they earned before,free car,free phone and all other perks that go with it.They are the ones telling Frank for the Militay to hold on to power for as long as possible for one reason only – “fill up their pockets”, while it lasts.It is very clear none of them wants to go back to camp,to their old job with less pay.
    But not all soldiers are fools like Frank.The soldiers in camp go back to their paernt’s homes,their villages,their mataqali and yavusa meetings from time to time where they hear opposing comments to what they are doing in camp.So many are ashamed but they can’t do much for fear of losing their jobs,with
    outstanding mortgages etc.We don’t see many soldiers wearing uniforms around town or travelling in buses anymore these days.Why??? Sa ra madua sara ga.
    Inside sources confirm that there is real grumblings in camp these days which some say the situation is like a tinder box just awaiting a spark.

  3. Vinaka TJ. Please refer to an earlier post We are ‘hanging in here’ but we still need support of our neigbouring communities and governments if we are to successfully defeat the usurpers. The UN has recently left the door open to hiring Fiji soldiers to serve on UN peacekeeping missions. This must stop. The regime must be cut off from all sources of funding. Please use your political connections to drum up support within the UN to cut off Fiji’s military from the UN Peacekeeping gravy train.
    God bless Fiji

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  5. At the end of the day we know that Voreqe really does not know what is his desired ultimate outcome. He has no Big picture sadly…he is merely doing what John Samy, 2nd only to Aiyaz advises him,, oh well Francis NArayan too and John Prasad, and Sada Reddy and the Shameem sisters (hiding behind somewhere at mo’………. Most of these Indians are NZ residents or even citizens like Prasad (who needed the PM consent for Fiji employment!!!!) Because they cannot become notable under Kiwi competition they traipse back to Fiji. there they can be in the top brass…..butd worse still, they siphon money out of poor Fiji into their own bank accounts….what a nice way to bring Fiji to her knees and they say ‘ HHMMMM Maleka Sara! That is for your indigenous coup in 1987!!!’ That IS the Fiji today.scenario!!

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