Regime targets Hot Bread Kitchen

The illegal regime continues in its thuggery.  

Police have been targeting Hot Bread Kitchen shops recently, attempting to close them down.  

Quick thinking shop managers, when told by Police that they had to close down, insisted there was no written authority to do so, and ignored orders.  The following day Police prevented bakers and shop girls from opening up any Hot Bread Kitchen shops.  

Company founder and SDL member of Parliament, Dr Mere Samisoni, was told by Police that it was ‘Orders from the top’.  Samisoni replied that Hot Bread Kitchen employees and support staff in their supply chain were over 500 workers, most of whom would have to be let go if the shops stayed shut.  

‘One person’s wages supports a further 5-10 people, so you are talking about a lot of people with no income. After all the civil servants who’ve been retired recently, the last thing Fiji can afford is for more people to be out of work.  The next day, the Police told me that it was all clear again.  We still don’t know why this happened,’ said Samisoni.  

My thanks to the journalist who sent this story.  You know who you are, but for your own protection I will not name you here.  Vinaka vaka levu sara, luvequ.  

God bless Fiji


4 thoughts on “Regime targets Hot Bread Kitchen

  1. I think this is because of Mere Samisonis comment on the local paper Sunshinecoast Daily against the FB govt when she was over in Aust on 20th April 2009 for her graduation at the University of the Sunshinecoast and this link of her story on this daily that was sent to a Fiji Police Internal Affairs staff in Suva by a local fijian. Was a test to see how far Fiji Police were serious in overseas comment against IG in fiji.

  2. So the illegal regime would go the all the trouble to make 500 people lose their jobs, plus annoying the hundreds of thousands of customers who buy from hotbread daily, as a sneaky way of rapping Dr Samisoni over the knuckles for an act of free speech in a country where that is a legal right. Hmmm, that smacks of Stalinism. Also shows that the illegals don’t care how low their standards slip.
    God bless Fiji

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  4. I am so glad they did not shut down the hot bread kitchens for good I love those shops! God Bless the people of Fiji!!!

    If anyone has the recipe for those wonderful cream buns so I can make them here for myself in the states that would be amazing!
    I miss Fiji so much…

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