The Pig Who Cried ‘Wolf’

What could possibly have been going through Vore’s mind when he tried a last-ditch appeal for dialogue with Australia and New Zealand  and feeble, half-hearted ‘promises’ to hold elections in 2014?  We are almost at the point where we can no longer call for ‘free and fair elections’ because, by definition, free and fair elections can only be held under the 1997 Constitution. 

And, for now, it looks like the only way we can achieve that is either

  1. dissenting leaders in the Fiji military overthrow Vore,  chuck him out and return us to free and fair elections or
  2. a foreign military force comes in and effects regime change,  chucks out Vore and his minions and returns us to free and fair elections. 

Now, some are reporting that Vore is surprised that the Forum has expelled Fiji.  But what the hell did he expect?  Like Aesop’s Boy Who Cried Wolf, Vore expects the international community to keep giving him the benefit of the doubt, even though each time they do, he rubs their noses in **it.  Boy, was he wrong this time.  

Well, what goes around comes around.  So now, Fiji is expelled from the Forum. Hopefully the Asian Development Bank will refuse the illegal regime any further funds, or will tie the funds to an obligation to elections within a very short time frame.  And if Vore fails to stick to his word, there will hopefully be some staggering penalties (personally I would like to see the word ‘lynching’ used, but somehow I doubt this would be possible). 

No matter how ‘over much’ the Baini might protest, this is not about Fiji’s electoral system.  It never has been.  This Vore coup has always been about him escaping from being brought to Justice for his treatment of the CRW soldiers.  People are not stupid.  Our neighouring governments are not stupid.  They see through Vore’s lies, and see him for the pathetic creature he is.  

In the meantime, We The People must step up our efforts for strikes, peaceful protest and rebellion.  Keep wearing your black armbands.   Keep writing to the ADB this week to ask them not to fund the illegal regime.  Keep sending your news stories in to the blogging community.  Do what you can, and Tabu Soro. 

God bless Fiji


2 thoughts on “The Pig Who Cried ‘Wolf’

  1. There’s another option:

    3. The people of Fiji take to the streets en masse and sit outside the government buildings banging pots and pans until the regime gives in. It worked in Argentina, it worked in Georgia, and it worked in the Ukraine, the Philippines and Ecuador. Against a total shutdown and refusal to cooperate, no government can stand.

    It’s your best option. No outside military force is going to save you. You have to free yourselves. Fortunately, the examples from overseas show it can be done, and bloodlessly.

  2. There is only one option.It must come from within. As someone said masses take to the street in peaceful march under banner of Voice of People. Enough is enough. Ordinary people have listen to politician, militiary, and others to long. Its time for ordinary Fiji Citezen to stand up take to street under Voice of People. I urge some neutral person to lead this march.

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