Tell the ADB what you think of the illegal regime!

Vore is in Indonesia with his begging bowl out for Asian Development Bank money.  

This is a perfect chance for pro-Democracy activists to make our voices heard.  

Write to, email or call the ADB and tell them why you think they MUST NOT give any funds to this illegal, illegitimate regime.  

The contact is : 

Emma Ferguson
South Pacific Subregional Office
5th Floor, Ra Marama Building 
91 Gordon Street, Suva, Fiji Islands
Private Mail Bag-Suva, Fiji Islands

Tel: + 679 3318101 
Fax. + 679 3318074 

This illegal regime is on the back foot.  They need money and will do anything they can to get it, other than allow us to vote in free and fair elections under our Constitution.  We know that any money they receive for e.g. medicine, education or infrastructure will only go into their pockets, or to pay off their corruption.  

So tell the ADB exactly what you think of this regime, and why it is imperative that they receive no ADB funding.  

God bless Fiji 


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