Think Outside The Box

The overwhelming disappointment at the UN’s failure to censure Fiji’s illegal government, through banning all peacekeeping missions, has struck a sour note for those who would see Fiji return to the path of democracy.

Are we being too narrow minded in seeking a solution? 

It appears to me that the prime instigators of this illegal regime are

a)     Vore Bainidia

b)    The malodorous Chodokant (who might be crying over spilt milk now, but have no doubts – as surely as the sun will rise tomorrow, Chodo is the one pulling Vore’s puppet strings)

c)     The Tui Vuda, who is a few flowers short of a salusalu, if you know what I mean

d)    Soldiers / officers who follow Bainidia because they are scared of what might happen to them if they turn on him, but perhaps if they were assured of safety would happily turn on him

e)     Attorney General MyArse and a handful of fat, corrupt lawyers, some pretending to be judges

f)     A handful of fat, corrupt has-beens with chiefly titles who could not earn themselves a decent living and prefer to live off the labour of others

Thinking outside the box, what if we were to just ask the ANZ governments to send in their troops and just take these f***ers out?  There are so few of them.  It would be easiest thing in the world for properly disciplined forces to step in and neutralise them.  Then appoint a caretaker government to return us to free and fair elections under the 1997 Constitution within 12 months, ensuring the coupsters are brought to justice with a full and fair trial. 

It restores us to democracy more quickly.  It stabilises the region.  It kicks into touch this ridiculous Chindia axis that Bainidia is trying to create.  It saves our natural resources before Vore is able to completely sell them out and devastate our ecology.  Similarly it saves our national resources which Vore is milking dry and hoping none of us will notice.  

But why would the ANZ governments take this kind of action if they see that We The People are not even bothering to register our protest against this regime with marches, strikes and civil disobedience? 

Why should they step up the pace for us if we are not even willing to cast the first stone, except via anonymous blogs? 

Time for public protest, people. 

God bless Fiji

2 thoughts on “Think Outside The Box

  1. Wow. I agree with the concern about a lot of the developments in Fiji, but you sound to me like quite a racist person yourself with all these derogatory references to “Baindia” etc. Do you really think that the Indo-Fijians are the problem here? Do you think that Bainimarama doesn’t have a mind of his own? Stop blaming the problems of Fiji on one community which is, for better or worse, a part of Fiji!

  2. If you read through my blog you will see that Bainidia = Bai in india, which has been his title, as far as I’m concerned, since his decidedly un-transparent visit to India at the expense of the Indian government. Where the hell you get the idea that ‘the indo-fijians are the problem here’ is anyone’s guess. That certainly is not my philosophy. Nor do I blame Fiji’s problems on “one community”, unless you define that community as the small clutch of corrupt cronies who are running this illegal, illegitimate government. I am extremely proud of my Indo-Fijian brothers and sisters, and celebrate their connection with our land as much as I celebrate my own. It goes without saying that the Indo-Fijian community is a coherent part of our beloved country. The only way you can read racism into my writing is by projecting your own issues. Which means, that’s your problem, buddy. Not mine.
    God bless Fiji

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