Frank’s Order of Fiji? F-OFf

So, the Tui Vuda is awarding Vore the medal for the Order of Fiji?  

This is an opportunity for our Great and Good to show their rejection of all Vore stands for.  

If you have been awarded the Order of Fiji, Vore’s inclusion in your group completely devalues the Award.  

Show your distaste by publicly handing back, throwing away or giving away your own Order of Fiji medal.  Make sure you take pictures of your action, and circulate them to the blogs, the media in Fiji (who won’t be allowed to publish it but will at least have your protest on record), the international community and their media outlets.  

If enough dignitaries showing their disgust at having Vore included in their ranks, it will send a powerful message to the international community that this tyrannical terrorist is definitively rejected by We The People, and that we want our country returned to the path of democracy.  

God bless Fiji


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