The Madness of King Vore

Ragone, we can piece together a very clear picture of the kind of tyrant, the kind of terrorist who is running (or trying to run) our country.  

The irrepressible Michael Field has written a jaw-dropping piece on Vore‘s history with torture while a seaman on Pinochet’s torture vessel, which is a must read for anyone interested in what’s happening in Fiji today.  

Helpful commentators have revealed why Vore was moved to hold the coup in the first place.  Nothing to do with corruption in SDL’s Coalition government, and everything to do with Andrew Hughes mounting a case against him for the murder of the soldiers supporting Speight’s coup.  This is also backed up by Field’s article.  

We know that Vore’s tactics are basically torture, as dignified sufferers of his treatment, like Ballu Khan, attest.  

And we know that Vore is putting himself up to the next President of Fiji when the ailing Tui Vuda finally succumbs to his illnesses.  

This entire coup is a charade for Vore to avoid going to Court for what he did to the CRW soldiers.  Vore the bully does not want to face the consequences of his actions, and so he has mounted this entire farce, egged on by that opportunist snake the malodorous Chodokant.  And yet we continue to allow this madman to control us through our fear.  The time will come, and may already have passed, where We The People need to decide that some things are just not worth tolerating.  

Discombobulated Bubu’s boiled frog is such a true analogy for what we are allowing to happen to us, our children and our beloved country.  

When is enough, enough?  Free and fair elections – NOW!  Just because Vore is curtailing our rights and freedoms does not mean we can’t fight back.  The time is here for rebellion, resistance, strike action, protests, marches and any action that gives voice to your dissent to this illegal regime. 

God bless Fiji


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