Ballu Bites Back

Please do yourself a favour and watch Ballu Khan’s interview where he speaks for the first time about what happened to him at Vore’s behest, and why Vore felt compelled to hold this coup.  

I always knew Andrew Hughes was the true hero in the piece.  I’d love to know what he was going to charge Vore with.  Whatever the original charges against Vore, they aren’t a scratch on the sh*t he’s dropped himself in now.  Go on, Vore, show everyone how ‘smart’ you are, and dig yourself in a little deeper!  

God bless Fiji


5 thoughts on “Ballu Bites Back

  1. Andrew Hughes was going to charge Frank with multiple charges of sedition. He had evidence in the form of raw (unedited) video from Fiji One, notes from newspaper reporters and published statements that were never disputed or retracted by Frank. All that material was destroyed as soon as Frank took over.
    Hughes was only days away from laying charges by summons as he feared sending his men to QEB would start a shooting war between the military and the police – and the winner of that could only be the military.
    It is a matter of record that Andrew Hughes told a meeting of media heads only days before the coup that he feared what a confrontation would lead to and he had directed his men not to confront the military.

  2. Vinaka vaka levu for your clarification, Ratu Josefa.
    Now – if copies of the evidence could be presented to We The People … even though we have no functioning courts, at least we’ll have the evidence. I understand what you say about material being destroyed, but perhaps someone has copies somewhere? Perhaps even Andrew Hughes himself, or one of his trusted (and by now probably deposed) deputies. Certainly all of Vore’s acts since the coup make sedition look like a litter charge. (Doesn’t know how to quit while he’s ahead, does he?)
    God bless Fiji

  3. Hughes also had murder charges lined up for ordering the murders of 2001 mutineers. Hughes replacement, Tikotikoca, was ordered to drop it and refused. That is why he got the boot so quickly.

  4. To the people of Fiji the police records that VB’s boys were searching for in vainat Sukuna house on that day are still intact somewhere safe and out of reach…these records will resurface when the time is right…VB’s days are NUMBERED! He can seek and destroy but he can’t run as the Law will catch up with him. One day Mafatu!

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