Honour Among Thieves? Not That One!

In his excellent piece on NZ3, Pacific journalist Michael Field brilliantly and succinctly brings captures Vore’s stark lack of competence to hold the positions he is assuming in our beloved Fiji. 

Vore’s utter lack of academic achievements, military know-how, combat experience and general malaise in terms of getting any notches on his belt begs the question – who is really behind this coup? Because clearly he would not have been able to survive this long relying purely on his own cunning.  Regular readers of this blog will know that I accuse the malodorous Chodokant, and his shady, mysterious India-based financiers as being the real Masters behind Vore-the-witless-puppet.

Raw Fiji News, ever the leader at sourcing news leads, had reported accounts of Chodo and Vore at a drinks party just before the coup – was it at the Indian High Comissioners? – where Chodo had a few drinks under his belt and was laughing with Vore ‘Don’t worry! Just hold your coup and take over. Why not?” (forgive me RFN, I cannot find the link to this posting, but I recall it).

It’s a pretty safe bet that the planning of the coup was all down to Chodo and his faceless backers. Yes, Vore has ‘improvised’ from time to time, but the main drive, the main strategy, and the main focus of this coup has always been Chodo. Chodo, who consistently manages to blend into the background with Cheney-like inhuman slipperiness.

If rumours are true that Senior members of the military are sufficiently disenfranchised with Vore’s rule and actions that they are considering jettisoning him … then I have a proposal for you, Vore.

Your regime will self-implode, sooner or later. It’s a question of ‘when’, not ‘if’.

Why not take a few lessons from the master of survival himself, the malodorous Chodokant, and start working on your own survival strategy?0

You have a very good chance if you can show plausible deniability.

If you are willing to come forward and confess that the whole idea was Chodo’s and his backers, name names, point the finger, give dates and times of meetings, describing their full plan as it was described to you … then you may have a chance to come out of this smelling a lot better than you deserve.

Why not stab Chodo in the back before he stabs you first? You know he would sacrifice you for his own skin if he was given half a chance. Go on. Stick him first. Fiji is in desolation. The people who are really behind it will have to pay, one way or another. Why should all the blame fall on your shoulders? You really have nothing left to lose except that snake who you know you cannot truly trust.

God bless Fiji


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