Of Puppets, Victims and Winners

So, the predictions have come true.  Our erstwhile President, with all due respect to his chiefly status and past glories, has proved he is a mere puppet in the hands of the illegal regime. 

Vore has suspended / abrogated our Constitution.  He will no doubt be to declare himself President when Ratu Iloilois delicate health fails, through means fair or foul. 

The decrees keep churning out.  Elections fall further away.  The illegal regime and the malodorous Chodokant entrench themselves more deeply.  The rule of law is dead, replaced by a corrupt, despotic ruler whose head is so filled with delusions there is no room for reason, compassion or understanding. 

The question is, what are we going to do about it?  Will we remain Vores victims, or will we snatch victory from the jaws of defeat? 

Stand up for our beloved nation.   Tabu soro. 

God bless Fiji

One thought on “Of Puppets, Victims and Winners

  1. My legal friends tells me that this is the way forward:

    There IS ALREADY a constitution in place The President is appointed under the Constitution and he has no lawful authority to abrogate the Constitution or to dismiss the judges or to act inconsistently with the law as declared by the Court of Appeal.

    The President should IMMEDIATELY name a Caretaker PM and take the country to elections if he is to save his reputation..

    The President has, by his conduct renounced his office under the Constitution by declaring that he intends to ignore its requirements and make up his own laws.

    That being the case, the office of President is arguably vacant and can be filled by the Great Council of Chiefs under section 90.

    Although the Great Council is supposed to consult with the PM, there is no lawfully appointed PM so the doctrine of necessity must mean they can act without that advice.

    Alternatively, if the President is unwilling or unable to carry out the Court of Appeal’s directives, he should immediately resign from office.

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