No Such Thing As A Free Lunch

So, Vore has paid the Indian Government FJD8m of tax payers’ money for a piece of land to build a new Super Consulate / Chancery in Delhi. 

Apparently the land is valued at $23m.  And yet the Indian Government, which is not known for unconditional generosity (and has learned many a useful lesson in their time as an ally to Soviet Russia) has decided to gift it to the illegal interim regime of Fiji for a paltry $8 million. 


Meanwhile, Vore is trying madly to cut ties with the Pacific Forum, which occupies a similarly well appointed plot of land in Suva.  Obviously Suva and Delhi are not exactly on par with each other. 

But if Vore manages to oust the Forum from Fiji, what will happen to that land?  My money says the illegal regime will sell it to the Indian Government for a similarly paltry sum, as a quid pro quo for the plot in Delhi.  

One thing is for sure – whatever the payback, you can bet the land in Delhi comes with a hidden price tag that our electorate would NEVER condone under democratic rule.  

Yet another part of the malodorous Chodokant’s ‘Master Plan’ which he continues to inflict on our nation, bully that he is.  The purchase, which is surely unconstitutional, is without doubt unethical. 

How can we stop Vore and Chodo?  By speaking out.  By public protest, strikes and speaking with one united voice.  We want free and fair elections, Fiji for democracy NOW. 

God bless Fiji



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