Bai-in-India = Bainidia

Bai keraik! 

Has our fate become so hopeless that Bainimarama is now kowtowing directly to nefarious, faceless investors from the malodorous Chodokant’s Mother India?  

What happened to the clarion call transparency and accountability?  We used to be able to vote on such matters, or at least voice an opinion about them.  Now Vore is appealing, behind our backs and out of sight, to people (we know not whom) for favours that, again, we know nothing about.  Whenever PM Qarase went on such missions he always had a clear agenda, and was careful to keep the media and the electorate informed.  

These people could be anybody – organised crime, international drug rings, Al Qaeda, slave traffickers … anybody.  But because Vore has divorced himself from accountability, he feels there is no need to explain himself to We The People.  Meanwhile We The People have no recourse to question him, except through the blogs.  

Or public protest.  How about it, folks?  

God bless Fiji


2 thoughts on “Bai-in-India = Bainidia

  1. Good idea….for a public ‘hikoi’ & will make sure Bera-na-Liva goes befere us with all the little pigmies & take as much poison arrows to aim @ none other but the dictator Vore Bhaini & his lap dog Driti & the other imps that make up that ‘ring of evil, carniving,’ bunch of thugs they are…!!

  2. Yeah FG – what’s wrong with us in Fiji that we just lay back and cop all this rubbish? (My guess is witchcraft – really!)

    Anyway, looks like it’s gonna have to take even more hardship and decline before we snap out of our post-coup apathy.

    So just as well that is exactly what we’re gonna get as the regime’s economic bad governance chickens come home to roost over the coming year or so.

    So it begins …

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