Will Vatuloka’s Audit Ever See the Light of Day?

I pray that Eroni Vatuloka somehow manages to keep a copy of his Auditors’ Report on the illegal PM’s illegal back pay by the malodorous Chodokant when he posed as illegal interim Finance Minister. 

Not many are holding their breath to see whether the Report ever sees the light of day, expecting it to be mysteriously ‘disappeared’ by the military junta. 

I know that Vatuloka is too much of a professional to allow a copy to be leaked to the media or for public release.

But I do hope he has the foresight to keep a copy, either digitially or in a safety deposit box, or with a relative abroad – somewhere that the junta cannot get their hands on it.  

When the day comes that the Junta is no more, I hope we can all finally see his report. 

God bless Fiji


2 thoughts on “Will Vatuloka’s Audit Ever See the Light of Day?

  1. Hey FG!

    I’d like to see the old Thorpe report into the army’s Regimental Fund. Uluinakauvadra was given the report in ’99 and promptly shelved it.

    It had all the “dirt” on the officers who had used the Fund as their own private expense accounts, and who exactly was guilty of what.

    But by the time the interim/caretake Government of 2000 was appointed, the report had “vanished” without trace, never to be seen again.

    So this is what unfortunately tends to happen to any report which casts the leadership of the born-to-rule brigade into question.

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