When Is Murder Not Murder?

I suppose I should be relieved that the verdict was manslaughter.  Certainly the family and friends of the late Sakiusa Rabaka will be relieved, not least because the completion of the trial gives them a chance to give meaning to his untimely death and start rebuilding their shattered lives.  Our hearts and prayers are with them. 

But will this verdict and their criminal records teach the guilty soldiers, and the military in general, anything about their conduct, and the conduct of their illegal leader?  I’m not so sure. 

The malodorous Chodokant is a convicted manslaughterer, and sadly for our country that has never stopped him from rising to the top and becoming PM (not ‘rising to the top’ like cream in milk, but ‘rising to the top’ like the sh*t that he is).  And, perhaps the soldiers look upon the commuting of the verdict from murder to manslaughter as a benefit of being in the military.  Certainly a Police officer would not have enjoyed the same leniency. 

But nothing under this illegal regime is as it seems.  F’rinstance : 

  1. To paraphrase Voltaire, even the Presidential Political Dialogue Forum is neither Presidential (our President being decidedly incapacitated), nor Political Dialogue (no one will be allowed to debate issues, take sides, or thrash out differences), nor a Forum (participants are expected to sheepishly agree with Vore).  The media, our last standing bastion of democracy, has been excluded  while Vore reads out pre-prepared,  completely uncharacteristic statements that do not reflect one jot of his rule to date, except if he were speaking in opposites, like the children’s game.  I wonder what instructions Chodo will bring him back from India? 
  2. Fiji National Provident Fund, as pointed out succinctly by Dr Wadan Narsey, is in the military’s sights to line their insatiable pockets rather than used for the purpose for which it is intended, a Fund for the Nation (as in, all of us who contributed to it), for Providence (not just for fun) specific to Fiji (instead of India and China who so far have benefited the most from this coup).  
  3. Regime-appointed judges are being shown, like the Emperor, to be without the necessary clothes.  Not at all what one would expect from an esteemed judge.  Judges who have precluded themselves from impartiality … there must be a joke for that.  

At least there is one comfort in the topsy-turvy life under the illegal regime.  Vore’s intentions to exclude NFP and SDL from the Forum has joined his other pronouncements in the ‘Bluster and Lies’ category.  Good to know he REALLY cannot be taken at his word.  Perhaps our impending ejection from the Commonwealth and the Forum won’t transpire after all.

But all of the posturing, faking, bluster, speaking in opposites and walking around unclad will not bring back Mr Rabaka, or Mr Verebasaga, or Mr Malasebe.  Murder is still murder.  

God bless Fiji 

5 thoughts on “When Is Murder Not Murder?

  1. Hey FG – glad to see you finally enabled comments on your site!

    The thing I am wondering about is what got Frank to back down on that threat?

    And importantly, why didn’t Leweni try to blame the media, or say that people got it wrong, or that that’s “your opinion”, or any of his usual quips? He just plain admitted that they had changed their stance again on what Frank had announced.

    Whatever it was, it will have to be maintained to keep Frank from throwing wobblies all throughout the whole PDDF process; then through possible care-taker government; then through elections; and then most importantly of all, forever and ever, amen for Fiji’s entire future of parliamentary democracy.

    In other words, not likely – or even possible!

  2. Bula JdA. Agreed – The tactic may work to prevent Vore throwing wobblies DURING the proceedings. But as we know from the penultimate Forum meeting, there is nothing to stop him completely going back on his word once the big wigs have left town.
    God bless Fiji

  3. Anonymous Coward – My apologies, I deleted your comment accidentally. Please feel free to repost and I will include.
    God bless Fiji

  4. Thankyou Fijigirl for posting such a comprehensive and hard-hitting take on the current state of play.

    If anything, we tend to believe that, gradually, events and realities are starting to catch up with our dictator and his stubborn attempts to preserve his own hide.

    And we think he is starting to feel the pressure and that his paranoia is slowly mounting, which in turn has prompted him to resort to his favoured tactics of intimidation and thuggery to try and silence those he sees as his critics.

    Take, for example, the recent upsurge in night-time attacks on the personal property of people like Kenneth Zinck, Netani Riki and Attar Singh.

    While these attacks are designed to quiet the voice of dissent and enable Frank to carry out his self-serving agenda, they only serve to remind us here at FDN that underneath that immaculate, crisp white Commodore’s uniform lurks a dangerous, willful and unpredictable psychopath.

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