Time To Step Up, PM LQ

Our Prime Minister – the real one – is in Brisbane on a personal visit and also to raise funds for SDL. 

Oh, Mr Prime Minister, please can you step out of the shadow of your party into the light of the National Interest.  This is not the time to be pussy footing around Party protocols and pleasantries.  There is a much bigger picture here, and you need to be the focus of it. 

Democracy has been snatched from the bosom of our country, and our country has been snatched from the bosom of Democracy. 

Our rule of law lies in tatters. 

Sir, we need you now to step up and be the Man For All Peoples.  We need you to be our Leader, to court the support of democracies surrounding us, to woo our traditional friends like Australia, NZ, USA, EU, the Forum, the Commonwealth, the UN and even the Vatican.  We need you to assume the mantle for which you were elected.  Defend our Constitution.  Unite our People.  Stand, Sir, and we will stand behind you.  

Don’t be Vore’s victim.  Be our Leader. 

God bless Fiji


Qarase says life under threat: report

Former Prime Minister Laisenia Qarase has made claims in Australia that his life remains under threat from Fiji’s military-led government.

According to ABC News, Qarase mentioned this at a meeting of Fijians based in Brisbane, Australia at the weekend.

ABC News reports Qarase is visiting Australia to raise funds from supporters of his political party, which was removed from power in the December 2006 coup. 

Qarase had to seek the court’s intervention to get permission to make this trip to Australia last week.

At a public meeting at a Brisbane primary school hall he said the interim Government was ruling through fear.

Qarase also mentioned that the Interim PM’s behaviour was not encouraging for his party because he “threatens to exclude from the (political dialogue) those like the SDL who have different views”.

Meanwhile, the Prime Minister’s Office has denied the death threats on Qarase and refused to make further comments on the matter.

When contacted by Fijilive, Qarase told Fijilive that he did not wish to comment on his “personal trip” to Australia.

SDL assistant general secretary Ted Young also confirmed that Qarase and wife Leba were on a personal trip.

But when advised about the Australia media report, he admitted that trip was also to help raise money for the party coffers.

Young said “it is a personal trip by Qarase to visit his family in Australia and at the same time he will use the opportunity to raise funds for SDL”.

“We have not set a target but will be grateful for any amount he can collect while he is there. He has been invited by party supporters in Australia.”

ABC quotes Qarase saying the party has “mounted some very expensive legal cases in Fiji and we need that financial support”.

The report said Qarase will go to Sydney on the next leg of his “fund raising tour”.

Fijilive 16 Feb 2009