Who is Chodo’s Suga-Daddy?

Have you noticed that, every time Chodo goes to India, Vore’s ‘plan’ for Fiji changes?  There was that time he committed to elections in 2009.  Chodo goes to India.  Vore says it won’t be 2009.  Before the floods Vore would not commit to an election schedule.  Chodo goes to India.  Vore says it will take 10 years. 

My theory is, Vore is taking instructions from Chodo. Chodo is taking instructions from someone who he meets in India.  Whether this person is from India, I have no idea.  But that’s certainly where Chodo’s meeting him / her. 

What kind of person runs an operation to impoverish a prosperous third world country?  What kind of operation do they run?  The Bible says “By their fruits, ye shall know them.”  So let’s look at the ‘fruits’ of Chodo’s Mystery Suga-Daddy. 

The military is in power.  That military is corrupt, therefore they can be controlled.  The people are impoverished and live with little hope, therefore they also can be controlled.  There is no transparency or accountability, therefore secrets can be easily concealed. The freedom of the press / media is constantly under threat therefore people aren’t asking the tough questions.  People are scared to protest. The judiciary is corrupt therefore you can, literally, get away with murder.  There is no chance of near-future elections therefore any nefarious enterprises can prosper, at least in the medium term.  

Looking at these few facts (and the list is by no means exhaustive), you can build up a picture. Using the Marxist razor – Cui bono? Who would most benefit from keeping Fiji in this sorry state? 

Drug barons would benefit.  Fiji is ideally placed between Asia and the Americas.  Drug barons trafficking between the two vast regions could use our beloved land as a central hub for their operations.  Andrew Hughes had the massive drug bust of Asian syndicates producing metamphetamine in Fiji.  Maybe they decided to entrench themselves for good.  A corrupt government regime is exactly what they need to thrive. 

Al Qaeda would benefit.  They have no influence in the Pacific.  PM Qarase deported that Sudanese mullah who was on the US dangerous persons list.  Perhaps his ‘brothers’ decided they need a base in the Pacific from which to continue launching their various attacks on the US.  The impoverished states of Afghanistan and the surrounding neighbours allowed them to thrive.  Perhaps they thought they could re-invent the same conditions here in the Pacific. They are having little luck spreading their following in Australia and New Zealand because the population is largely educated.  But in a country like Fiji, where our education system keeps taking crippling hits under this illegal regime?  It must be irresistible.  

For the same reasons outlined above, organised crime would benefit.  Back in the 70s and 80s we were proud of Fiji being the hub of the Pacific.  Now that aircraft technology has advanced to the point that flights no longer need us as a stopover, that vacuum is ripe to be filled.  But under this illegal regime, the vacuum will be filled with undesirable forces, sick life forms that shun the light of democracy.  This illegal regime has killed off the rule of law.  The vacuum left behind is rapidly filling with God-knows-what untold evils.  

Who else benefits from the devastation of democracy in Fiji?  Who else could be the malodorous Chodokant’s Suga-Daddy? 

God bless Fiji