Felicity – Not Incompetent, Just Set Up To Fail

Among the barrage of criticism that Felicity Heffernan and her Office has come under in the past weeks, many voices have evidently forgotten that, right from her selection, Felicity never stood a chance. 

Her law degree (environment specialist?) and other papers were never going to prepare her for the mammoth task ahead, and C.Pryde and the illegal interim regime knew it.  They don’t want a Supervisor of Elections who can succinctly point out their failings to the voters.  They want someone who can look incompetent, like it is entirely their fault, and they / she can shoulder the blame for the planned electoral non-occurance.  (Shame on you, SDL for falling into the IIR’s trap – you gang should know better!) 

Felicity’s youtube clip points out that she is underfunded, under-resourced, etc.  But because she (honestly) doesn’t properly understand her role and the role of the IIR and how they are supposed to work together to make elections happen … the poor girl never stood a chance. 

Did she realize from the get go that she was being set up to fail? 

I think probably not.  Will she recover from the humiliation?  I hope so, because people who try to do good should be able to dust themselves off and move on. 

Will Fiji be able to overcome this charade (of the IIR) to achieve free and fair elections in the near future ?  Only by THE WILL OF THE PEOPLE. 

God bless Fiji

 Elections Office wasting funds: Singh

 The Fiji Sun – 2/8/2009

A video posted on popular social site You Tube by the employees of the Supervisor of Elections office shows that the office is a total waste of taxpayers’ money, said Attar Singh.

Mr Singh, the Movement for Democracy in Fiji chairman said it was obvious from the video that Felicity Heffernan and her staff members had a lot of free time. Mr Singh questioned the need for the office if interim Prime Minister Commodore Voreqe Bainimarama said elections could be in another five to ten years.

“It obviously shows that they have a whole lot of free time,” he said.

“ Why should she (Heffernan) and her office even be in place if Bainimarama says that elections could be in another five to ten years?

“They are just wasting taxpayers’ money at the moment because they are doing nothing.”

A political party also called for the resignation of Heffernan saying the interim government made a huge mistake in hiring her. Soqosoqo Duavata ni Lewenivanua party national director Peceli Kinivuwai said the video served no purpose as it looked like a comedy film – which was the usual contents of videos posted on You Tube.

“She (Heffernan) has now brought a lot of disrepute for the office and the government made a totally big mistake in hiring her,” he said.

Mr Kinivuwai said it was obvious that staff members had a lot of time on their hands to shoot videos.

He also said no real work has been done by the office and it seemed they served no purpose at the moment.

Attempts to obtain a comment from government yesterday on Heffernan’s future proved futile.