Copernicus, Where Are You?

Something, other than the obvious, has really been bothering me about the progress of this illegal regime.

Aside from the devastation, havoc, disease and corruption that has sprung up in its wake, this illegal regime has brought something even more sinister to our shores, something that refuses to show its face but, like a thief in the night, leaves an indelible mark. 

Start at the beginning.  We all know that Vore lacks the intelligence to carry off this coup-d’etat under his own steam.  The planning was too meticulous for him to have thought this through without a hell of a lot of help and direction from another source.  Things like confining PM Qarase to Lau, not allowing him to leave the country to drum up international support.  That was smart, way smarter than Vore could ever hope to think up on his own.

It is generally accepted that Chodopu$$ was the ‘brains’ behind the coup.  That may even be a bit true.  Chodo certainly has taken on the role of the Master to Vore’s puppet dummy.  Distancing himself from the regime just in time so that, if elections were held, Chodo would have a chance of standing again as leader of the Laboured Party – that plan bears all the hallmarks of Chodo’s thinking.

But the current state of affairs just doesn’t make sense.  Vore knows he is running the country inexorably into the ground.  Chodo is currently the most hated person of the entire sugar community.  Money is coming in from somewhere to prop up this farce of a regime (although no-one knows from where, exactly).  Tourism is flushing slowly but surely down the toilet.  None of this makes sense if you accept that scenario that Vore and Chodo are the only ones running the whole show.

So we are left with 2 possibilities.

1)    Vore and Chodo have totally lost the plot and the country is running like a rudderless ship.

2)    There is another puppet Master controlling these two and this person or organisation wants Fiji to be completely devastated for reasons unknown (but we can guess).

Those who read this blog and my postings elsewhere will know that I have no love for Chodo, and that I believe there is no depravity beneath him, no depths to which he will not sink to feed his sick craving for power.  But he also is not smart enough to have engineered this devastation of our country without support from elsewhere – yes, you guessed it – India.

Looking at patterns in Fiji’s fate over the last 2 years, one starts to feel like Copernicus.  The spinning planets before us do not make sense, their course is mathematically impossible, until you realise that there is a single, enormous centrifugal force carrying them all forward like a merry go round.  That force is coming from somewhere in India.  That force requires that we have no rule of law.  That force requires that we alienate our neighbours and allies.  That force requires that we live under military rule.  That force requires our indigenous way of life, rights and institutions to be wiped out irrevocably.  That force requires that a nation which was once the hub of the Pacific is devastated economically, politically, socially, literally and forever more. 

What does this force want from us?  Without spying on Chodo 24-7 on his jaunts to India, one can hazard a guess.  This is about power.  Someone is financing Chodo, feeding him ideas, resources and inspiration for his ‘vision’ of Fiji.  But whoever it is has no respect for democracy, the rule of law or indigenous rights.  They will be a criminal organisation (too much money to be legit and they need shaky-, or no-, rule of law).  They will think nothing of corrupting politicians or the judiciary.  They will probably never show their face in Fiji (too smart for that) but will pull the strings from India and other points abroad.  

I must state here that I have a deep, real respect for the good people of India, and my Indo-Fijian brothers and sisters.  This ‘force’ from India is not from them, of them, nor are they tarred with its brush.  You get criminal minds, a***holes and megalomaniacs from any and every nation on earth.  It’s just our bad luck that Chodopu$$ has shacked up with one from India.  He could just as easily have found one from China, Africa, or South America.  

If this ‘conspiracy theory’ is too far fetched and racy for you, then that leaves Option 1, that Vore and Chodo have lost the plot and are running the country as a rudderless ship.  If this is the case, then all WE THE PEOPLE need to do is tell them to get off.  We do this through public protest, strikes, international pressure and … oh, you know the rest. 

God bless Fiji