$2m for Chodo, $185K for floods – WTF?

The Indian Government again shows its distain for the people of Fiji and our sovereignty with their pitiful donation for flood relief.  They gave £2m to the malodorous Chodokant to leave Fiji, and $185K to clean up the devastation after the floods.  Let it never be said that India gives a sh*t about the people of our land.  

India gives $185,000 for disaster relief Thursday, February 05, 2009 Update: 12:06PM THE Indian Government has donated $185,000 toward the interim Prime Ministers disaster relief fund. Indian High Commissioner to Fiji, Professor Prabhakara Jha, gave a letter of sympathy from his Prime Minister and the cheque to the interim Government yesterday. In his letter, Indian PM Dr Manmohan Singh said: “At this time of tragedy, we have decided to contribute an amount of $US100,000 to help your government as it reaches relief and assistance to the affected people of the Fiji Islands.” – From The Fiji Times Online

God bless Fiji